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Tip: With special off-road tires through every terrain

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Regardless of the terrain - special off-road tires dig through. In general, brand-new SUVs and pickups, but also off-road vehicles, are delivered with tires that are more suitable for the road. Drivers of these popular types of vehicle are too seldom embarrassed about having to master rough terrain or muddy roads. Off-road professionals know that these series tires save fuel in everyday life, but can never implement the capabilities of the vehicle off-road. Special off-road tires show what the car can really do when the ground is loose dirt, mud, sand or gravel beds. In contrast to winter tires, they grind through a mud or gravel surface. In addition, the rubber compound is significantly harder, similar to regular summer tires for cars.

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The disadvantage here is that some drivers believe that they are well armed with an off-road tire even in winter. This is a fallacy, because the hard tires become so stiff at temperatures below 5 ° C that their deep profile hardly has any effect on ice or snow. The tread is clogged by the snow and in no time the off-road tire has been transformed into a ski. This happens because the material becomes so hard that the tire no longer rolls, which is why the snow cannot fall out of the tread. This means that the vehicle can no longer be controlled.

Tip: All terrain tires: all-rounders for the road and the terrain?

The tires convey a driving experience that is similar to that of runners or skis, which is noticeable in an unpleasant way at the latest in a corner that is driven a little too fast. Off-road tires are usually radial tires with thick, deep treads. These are characterized by the exposed edges of the running surface and the unmistakable cleats in the profile. This reduces the contact area between the tire and the ground as long as it is made of asphalt or concrete.

Beadlock Wheels Tip: With special Offroadreifen through every terrain
Beadlock Wheels

As a result, the traction is significantly lower. A kind of hybrid are offroad tires with smaller nubs. With this artifice, the tire manufacturers have increased the contact surface, which is advantageous in normal road traffic. However, there is less grip available in the terrain, which is why many a PS-bristling off-road vehicle has simply got stuck. For off-road terrain, off-road tires have been developed, which in addition to the lug profile have the ability to operate at low air pressure. With this trick, the tires adapt to even difficult terrain and allow an accomplished rider to conquer even mountains, steep slopes or rocky deserts. Such a construction can be used for various surfaces. It should be noted, however, that with tubeless tires running at nominal pressure, the bead can break faster. To prevent such a capital puncture, it is advisable to use a beadlock. This clever invention prevents tire and rim from twisting each other.

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