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Doing the oil change yourself is not difficult!

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Long-term oil, long-life oil, long-term oil, tuning 4 e1579353161722 Changing the oil yourself is not difficult!

Nowadays almost everyone has their own car. Vehicle owners will at some point come across the issue Engine oil be confronted. This article explains in more detail what to look for when buying engine oil and what differences there are. The engine oil should always be renewed at regular intervals. And if you don't change the oil yourself, you should still have an engine oil for the vehicle at home.

Can I change the engine oil?

High-performance engine oil vehicle tuning Changing the oil yourself is not difficult!

In new and therefore modern vehicles, changing the oil can be difficult. In general, however, everyone can change the oil themselves with a little skill and ability. It is important that the vehicle's oil drain plug is easy to reach and can be loosened without great effort. However, some cars require a special tool. If the car is from an older generation, changing the oil should not pose any major difficulties or problems.

These points must be observed when changing the oil:

Engine oil guide Doing the oil change on your own is not difficult!

  1. Unscrew the oil cap and remove the dipstick
  2. Loosen the housing of the oil filter
  3. Place a pan under the engine
  4. Unscrew the drain plug and allow the oil to drain completely
  5. Renewal of the oil drain plug
  6. Renewal of the brass seal
  7. Remove the oil filter and install a new one
  8. Fill in oil
  9. Check the engine start and fill level
  10. Closing the oil cover
  11. Dispose of old engine oil properly

Only 5 steps lead to success:

Engine oil guide Doing the oil change on your own is not difficult!

  1. In the first step the oil cap must be removed. This ensures that the engine oil can be drained.
  2. In the next step the lock of the oil filter housing is opened. In many older models, the oil filter can be freely accessible. So it doesn't always make sense to look for a case or a cover. If the car is in a good position and the oil drain plug can be reached, the oil change can begin immediately. It is of course important that an oil drain pan is correctly positioned. If the oil drain plug is now opened, the engine oil will drain directly into the pan below.
  3. In the next step the old oil drain plug should be replaced with a new one immediately. Some vehicles have a brass sealing ring, which should also be replaced.
  4. In the next step the oil filter must be removed. An extremely important point to be mentioned at this point is that the old engine oil and the oil filter must be used professional be disposed of.
  5. In the next step the new engine oil is then added. The dipstick should have been reinserted beforehand so that the level can be checked immediately. In most cases, the filling quantity is listed in the vehicle manual. Experience has shown that in most cases less oil has to be filled in than is indicated. The fill level should be between minimum and maximum for every vehicle. When this level has been reached, the vehicle should be started. This distributes the oil and the fill quantity can then be checked again.

If unfamiliar running noises occur after the oil change, the vehicle owner should not be surprised. In most cases, the unfamiliar running noise disappears after a few seconds. Another important tip is that the level of the engine oil must be checked again after around 10 minutes. It is quite possible that after this time a little engine oil will have to be topped up.

Which engine oil needs to be topped up?

A question that is actually not that easy to answer. Since there are different engines, a wide variety of oils must be used. The engine oils are adapted and manufactured by the manufacturers to the individual vehicles, more precisely to the types. In general, however, the vehicle manual contains precise information about which engine oil is to be used when changing the oil. On some vehicles, this information can also be found in the engine compartment itself. This information must be observed, as otherwise there is a risk of engine damage. If the wrong engine oil is used, the guarantee may even be void in the worst case. It is therefore important, sensible and advisable to find out in advance exactly which engine oil is permissible for the respective vehicle.

Synthetic and mineral oil

Long-term oil, long-life oil, long-term oil, tuning 3 Changing the oil yourself is not difficult!

If it is a mineral oil, it is made from petroleum. Such a motor oil is very inexpensive to manufacture. It's a little different with synthetic oils. No components are removed during production and these oils are much more expensive to purchase.

The designation of the engine oils!

Everyone will have noticed that engine oils have different names. The user manual may say that an engine oil with 5W30 is required for topping up. Every vehicle owner must therefore buy such an oil with this information. But then the question also arises, what do the designations mean? The number in front of the "W" indicates the flow properties of the oil. The fact is, the smaller the number, the better the oil will flow. We are of course talking about low outside temperatures.

Tip: This is how you properly dispose of used oil!

The number after the "W" stands for the flow properties at high outside temperatures. Motor oils with the designation "Longlife" can be found on the market. The manufacturer guarantees a particularly long shelf life for these engine oils. In general, it can be said that engine oils are very thin. Since the same engine oil should always be topped up, it is advisable to have a small supply at home. After all, it never ensures that the dealer has the desired or necessary engine oil in stock when needed.

The checklist for buying engine oil:

  1. The manufacturer's instructions must be observed
  2. Pay attention to the quality
  3. Pay attention to SAE classes when purchasing
  4. is a long-life engine oil necessary?
  5. does the vehicle manufacturer prescribe a certain brand?

This is why engine oil is needed

High performance engine oil high-performance oil tuning Changing the oil yourself is not difficult!

Another question that usually arises is why is engine oil actually needed? An internal combustion engine needs lubrication and that happens with the engine oil. This is the only way to ensure that the engine is working properly. There are many moving parts inside the engine that must have a so-called lubricating film. If this is the case, signs of wear and tear can be avoided. Lubrication is of great importance primarily for the bearings and pistons. The engine oil is in the oil pan. When the engine is started, the oil pump provides the necessary lubricant. Many vehicle owners are not even aware of an extremely important function of engine oil. Engine oil cools individual components in the engine compartment. This ensures that the motor does not overheat. So engine oil is an extremely important component.

Approval and information from the manufacturer are important!

At the end... In summary, it can be said that every vehicle owner can change the oil himself. When it comes to using and buying engine oil, there are a few things to consider. In most cases, the vehicle's service book or user manual will tell you which engine oil to use. Vehicle owners should adhere to this information. It is generally recommended that the level of the engine oil should be checked at regular intervals. Mixing different engine oils is possible in exceptional cases, but it should be checked whether the two engine oils correspond to the manufacturer's specifications. It is also important and useful to have a small supply of engine oil at home. In most cases, instructions for changing the oil can also be found in the user manual. If the vehicle owner is not sure, the oil change should be carried out in a specialist workshop.

Changing the oil yourself is not difficult

Long-term oil, long-life oil, long-term oil, tuning 4 e1579353161722 Changing the oil yourself is not difficult!

With the above instructions, even inexperienced people can usually carry out an oil change themselves. Motor oil is extremely important and the fill quantity should always be between minimum and maximum. If this is not the case, there is a risk of engine damage in the worst case. If vehicle owners do not adhere to the manufacturer's instructions, the vehicle warranty may be void. There are a few things to consider when it comes to the engine oil in a vehicle. However, a quick look at the manual of a vehicle usually helps and all open questions or ambiguities can be answered. If necessary, a visit to a specialist workshop will of course also help. Vehicle drivers should regularly check the level of the engine oil so that the vehicle is not damaged or even completely damaged. With the tips and tricks mentioned above, everyone should be a little more familiar with the topic of motor oil.

Burnout instructions Kavalierstart Doing the oil change yourself is not difficult!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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