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The partition in the car for safety u. Privacy!

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Partition rear wall tuning 3 e1572590099633 The partition in the car for safety and. Privacy!

Do you have a van and want to protect yourself adequately from the load as a driver? Are you an interested limousine driver and would like a partition on the B-pillar? Then you should consider a few factors when buying partitions. In principle, the motives couldn't be more different, but in principle it is one and the same thing. A partition should "separate" the driver and front passenger from everything that is behind the seats! You have, especially in the field of commercial vehicles, the choice between different partition models, which can be installed depending on the vehicle type. There are many advantages with partitions and actually only a few disadvantages. Partitions and their advantages are described in more detail below.

What brings a dividing wall?

Partition rear wall load securing The partition in the car for safety and Privacy!

You have a van but no partition? Then you should take a close look at the advantages of partitions for transport vehicles. A partition is attached to the B-pillar (directly behind the driver and passenger seat) and should protect you from the ingress of cargo into your cab. A dividing wall, which not only consists of a grid, but of sturdy materials, also helps you to keep the heat in the cab. At the same time you can reduce the load space noise by a partition. Partitions for vans and vans are already commercially available ready to install. Depending on the online shop you can purchase the partition including mounting material. The partition is available, for example, with windows, with various brackets in the loading area, with hatch, movable rails, with passage to the rear and a lot of other ideas. Basically, it always depends on the vehicle and the purpose.

Partition for limousines

Partition rear wall tuning The partition in the car for safety and Privacy!

Partitions, which are electrically powered up and down and are located between the driver and passengers in a limousine, are known to many people from films. You can already purchase long-limousines in the trade, which have such partitions ex factory. However, specialist workshops can also assemble the partitions retrospectively. When buying a partition you should consider the respective vehicle model and the vehicle type and buy only compatible items. Here you will only meet on custom orders. Universal systems that can just be installed compatible in a car are virtually absent.

Partition of a Rolls Royce Phantom

Partition rear wall tuning 2 e1572590005793 The partition in the car for safety and. Privacy!

On the one hand, the suitable vehicles are very rare (it should at least a long version of a BMW 7er, Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8, etc.) and on the other hand, the technical implementation is not even just plug-and-play possible. A dividing wall in a luxury sedan finally has to harmoniously integrate into the interior and not, just like a van, only serve a practical purpose. And here too there are countless variants. There are fixed systems, there are variants that can be opened and closed, there are armored versions with or without windows and also a huge LED screen acting as a partition we have already seen.

What can partition walls be made of?

Partition rear wall Tuning 4 The partition in the car for safety and Privacy!

The dividing wall materials for commercial vehicles are generally robust and should be durable. You can buy the partitions for the B-pillar and even for the C-pillar. Partitions are mostly made of plastics (GRP and ABS), making them lighter than sheet metal constructions. The items are usually mounted behind the driver and front passenger seats (B-pillar). Other partition wall constructions you should first check their suitability. Furthermore, the manufacturers indicate for which installation area and which type of car the respective partition wall is suitable. For example, it is stated in the product descriptions that the installation is intended only for panel vans and not for other car models. Even individual car types can be excluded. It is therefore important to read the product description carefully before purchasing. If you are not sure whether a partition is suitable for your vehicle model, ask for advice in a specialist workshop.

Replace partitions with plastic version

Partition rear wall Tuning 5 The partition in the car for safety and Privacy!

Partitions of plastic for vehicle types are also commercially available, which already have partitions ex factory. The partition walls made of plastic offer the advantage of being lighter than some variants ex works (sheet metal partition wall). Furthermore, the partition walls, depending on the model, ensure greater freedom of space. For example, you can push your driver's seat backwards by gaining space. We hope that you the info report on the topic / term partition wall (further names / keywords: Rear wall, interior decorator, side wall) from the field of autotuning. Our goal is that the largest German-language tuning dictionary (Tuning Wikipedia) and to explain tuning terms from A to Z easily and understandably. Almost every day we expand this encyclopedia and how far we are already can you HERE see. Soon the next one will be Tuning scene concept be illuminated by us. Incidentally, you will be informed about new topics if you have ours Feed subscribe to.

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Steering Wheel% C3% BClle Steering Wheel Cover Tuning 310x165 The partition wall in the car for safety & security. Privacy!

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Carburetor Tuning Double carburetor 310x165 The partition wall in the car for safety and security. Privacy!

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Boarding aid entry level wheelchair ramp Taxi Camper 310x165 The partition wall in the car for security u. Privacy!

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Air Freshener Car Diffuser Parf% C3% BCm Clip Tuning e1572505549801 310x165 The partition in the car for safety & security. Privacy!

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Fear Handle B% C3% BC Gel Handle Headliner Tuning 1 310x165 The partition in the car for safety & security. Privacy!

Body mesh / rear ventilation flaps for forced ventilation

Body Trim Heckbel% C3% BCufting Flap Boot 3 e1572584044377 310x165 The partition wall in the car for safety u. Privacy!

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