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Attention Porsche 911 drivers - here comes

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Porsche 911 driver beware - here comes


Today on November 09.11th. At 9:11 a.m. the time has come: The new internet portal opens its doors and offers all interested parties, drivers and Porsche sports car fanatics the perfect information, news and history forum about their favorite vehicle. is based on Elferspot Media GmbH, based in Munich, and its founder and managing director Markus Klimesch, himself a passionate XNUMX driver and collector for years. Klimesch wants to create something exclusive that is exclusively about Porsche sports cars.

Porsche 911 driver beware - here comes elferspot.comIt's all about Porsche sports cars

Everything from the legendary first production model in the form of the Porsche 356 to the 911 to transaxle models such as the 944, 924, 928 etc. should be included. But what distinguishes from other car portals? It is the focus and exclusive presentation of information, photos and background stories only on the Porsche sports car series. The website will soon be an essential source of information for this fan base.

Buying exchange for the classic from Zuffenhausen

What “tuningblog” is in the tuning niche, that will be elferspot when it comes to Porsche sports cars! Anyone interested in buying a 911, 944 or any other Porsche sports car will find an international marketplace here that specializes in exactly that and whose search results and vehicle presentations meet the demands of a Porsche driver. All information is presented clearly and precisely. If you are currently looking for a Porsche on one of the major vehicle portals, you will almost be overwhelmed by the search results of advertising banners, sponsored vehicles or alternative recommendations. There won't be that on

Stories about drivers and fans of Porsche sports car

For example, if you're looking for a Porsche 911, you don't need alternative search results for a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Why too? And while the major stock exchanges show a Fiat 500 as well as a Porsche GT2 RS, elferspot is completely different: Here the focus is on a high-quality presentation of the vehicles. In addition, with its own Elferspot magazine, elferspot provides lots of useful information about Porsche and its sports cars. Under the motto "Man and Machine", fans will find stories about Porsche drivers and their vehicles. Many of the reports can help you find the right athlete - and anyone who has entered the exclusive lounge will never want to leave. We are convinced of that!

Porsche 911 driver beware - here comes elferspot.comElferspot and social media

Of course, Elferspot Media GmbH is also represented on social networks. Even before the official launch of the website, over 12.000 people followed “Elferspot – on Facebook”, and the number is increasing every day. And the Facebook page will soon publish an exciting posting from elferspot. Let yourself be surprised!

Porsche 911 driver beware - here comes

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