Scratch? The retrofitting of a parking aid is possible

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Retrofit parking aid tuning

Digitization is also progressing in the car. In recent years, many systems have come on the market that help you and therefore provide more safety on the road. A big problem that exists since the invention of the car is parking. This often causes damage, which can be avoided, however, if a parking aid is installed in the vehicle. This helps you, for example, to better assess the distance to another vehicle and also to determine whether the parking space is suitable for you.

Retrofitting parking aid tuning 1
Autonomous parking vehicles have long been on the market

What are the costs if you decide to use a parking aid?

Since there are many different systems, you can easily find the right parking aid for you. There are already parking aids available from a price of 50 euros. Better parking aids that are more reliable cost between 100 and 200 euros. It is important that you do not get a cheap parking aid here, which is already available for 20 euros. These are imprecise and in many cases are a reason for a bump. You must also take into account that the installation of the sensors is necessary. Experts usually have to do this for you. After all, the bumper has to be dismantled with a “commercial system”. The bill for this is around 250 to 1000 euros. Depending on the effort and vehicle and system. In many cases, retrofitting is more expensive than buying a standard parking aid for a new car. Parking aids, which are installed by the manufacturer upon delivery, cost an average of 500 euros.

Retrofitting parking aid tuning 2
Factory installed PDC parking aid

What do you have to look out for?

If you have decided to buy a parking aid, you must make sure that it fits your vehicle. In particular, the number of sensors that are included in the delivery, are crucial. That's because they each cover a specific area. They must therefore be positioned so that their control areas overlap. Only in this way it is guaranteed that the parking aid is working properly and there is no damage. In addition, you must note that you can not rely completely on the parking aid. If there is still a rear-end collision, you can not rely on a parking aid error appointbecause this is just a tool or an assistant.

There is already an app as a parking aid

The American company Fensens developed such a program. You can simply download this parking aid to your phone and use it right away. The license plate holder attached for this purpose with the required sensors sends its data to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. So you don't need an internet connection. With a few simple steps you can attach this system yourself and use it immediately afterwards.

FenSens Smart Wireless Parking Sensor


Summary information: Retrofitting a parking aid

  • Parking aid by means of license plate holder with integrated parking sensors
    - Retrofitting is possible without any problems
    - No drilling or dismantling of car parts
    - The already mounted license plate holder is exchanged for the new one with integrated sensors
    - No cabling (License plate system works via radio signal and a display with integrated speakers or via smartphone APP)
    - Power supply of the holder by battery (usually lasts for several months)
    - The display is attached to the front of the car in the field of vision (Connection via 12 volt plug)
    - License plate holder solution is also available Backup camera
    - often does not work in very deep license plate hollows
    - The system must not be installed too high in order to be able to reliably determine the distance
  • System for the apron: sensors can be embedded in the bumper
    - Paint sensors in body color
    - Remove the bumper
    - Drill holes (must be exactly in the right position)
    - Position sensors in the holes
    - Wire the control units to the on-board power supply
    - mount the corresponding loudspeaker
  • Costs vary depending on the system
    - License plate holder with integrated parking sensors: from 50 euros (cheaper and more expensive is always possible)
    - higher quality systems: from 100 to 200 euros (cheaper and more expensive is always possible)
    - Sensors for the bumper: 30 to 150 euros (cheaper and more expensive is always possible)
    - Sensors for the bumper possibly plus assembly costs (between 300 and 1000 euros, depending on the workshop and effort)
  • technical details about the sensors
    - Sensor only covers a certain area
    - The signal runs in a fan shape
    - Trailer coupling can lead to incorrect measurements
Retrofitting parking aid Tuning4
Avoid unsightly scratches with a parking aid

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