Conversion to LED - makeover for the headlights

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DP Motorsport Porsche 964 THE SPEEDY IRISHMAN Tuning 3 conversion to LED makeover for the headlights

LED headlights are nowadays installed on many new vehicles. Compared to other headlights, LED headlights often have a better look and a better light. Older vehicle models are often not yet equipped with LED headlights, as they were not provided by the manufacturer at the time of ordering the vehicle. However, there are conversion kits available for many popular models that allow the car to be converted to LED headlights. However, there are some things to consider before and during the upgrade.

Retrofit LED headlights TUning conversion to LED makeover for the headlights

Why LED headlights?

Compared to the light bulb or a xenon headlamp, the Light Emitting Diode (LED) has some advantages, which is why its installation is well worth it. First, the lifetime of LEDs is much higher. They can easily handle tens of thousands of hours of operation, with low power consumption due to their high efficiency. Also oncoming traffic is pleased about LED headlights. Due to the distribution of the light source on several diodes one is blinded only insignificantly even when accidentally fading. The light also has a bright hue and a high luminosity.

Comparison led xenon halogen conversion to LED makeover for the headlights

What to pay attention to when buying

Since the conversion of a headlamp is a safety-related vehicle part, there are strict provisions of the European Union on the admissibility of a headlamp. To avoid problems with the approval of an LED headlight, you should pay attention to two marks before buying, with one already for proper approval enough. For one thing, there is that ECE, a hallmark of the European Commission. It can be recognized by a circle E. On the other hand, there are also the conventional ABE with some LED headlights. Both the ECE and the ABE guarantee that the vehicle does not lose its operating license by converting to the LED headlight.

The conversion to LED headlights

Retrofit LED headlights Tuning 2 e1539446667837 conversion to LED makeover for the headlightsThere are two different conversion options. The first option is to change the entire headlamp including the housing. The effort in the change is limited, but it is particularly important to ensure that the headlamp is completely sealed, since no rainwater may penetrate. In addition, attention must be paid to the wiring of the headlamp, as LED headlamps only work under rectified pulse current. For older models, it may be necessary to design the power supply by means of an adapter or a transformer. However, this is referred to by the product, if necessary, the necessary adapters are even included. The second option is to exchange the normal light bulb with an LED bulb. Again, adapters can be used, which is why the installation instructions of the manufacturer must be read. Thus, the conversion to LED headlamps with manageable effort is possible. Disadvantage of the variant 2 is that Ban in the area of ​​STVZO.

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