Convertible top repair? Also possible for the layman!

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Mini Cabriolet from JMS to Barracuda Tzunamee EVO Alus 2 convertible top repair? Also possible for the layman!

A Convertible top to be repaired not an easy thingThat is why the best and easiest repair is to simply install a new convertible top. But that is of course also that Teuerste Variant. As a rule, such a repair is not carried out by a mechanic in the workshop, but by a saddler carried out. But it should be a Car upholstery be. The cost of a new convertible top depends of course on the vehicle model and brand and can range from a few hundred to a few thousand euros.

Repair convertible top

Convertible top crack repair e1630387181990 Convertible top repair? Also possible for the layman!

Simply visit your trusted saddler to clarify all the details. In some cases there might be a Partial replacement an option. In the case of a partial replacement, either the rear part of the convertible top or just the plastic pane can be replaced. A partial replacement in our opinion not recommendable because in this case too, the entire hood skin has to be removed and sewn with patches and pieces. That is why the method is neither technically nor economically sensible. Unfortunately, some “specialists” still carry out such a repair or provide tutorials for it online. Even with rear windows with a zip system we advise against partial replacementas the tightness in general Do NOT spread pesto on this layer! can be guaranteed.

Convertible top crack repair instructions Convertible top repair? Also possible for the layman!

If you got the broken roof should not want to completely renew, but still want to drive the convertible for a few more years, then only a repair can be carried out with the roof skin not removed must become. A saddler can also do this type of repair, or you can do it yourself. But it is crucial in any case the right adhesives.

Repair methods for the convertible top cover

Be for it Patches from the original hood material attached by the saddler to the hood with a contact adhesive. However, this type of repair is mostly visual easily recognizable and has one low durability. The contact adhesive can degrade quickly through exposure to sunlight and other weather conditions and the patches then no longer hold. The glue also loses its adhesion due to the rain and the hood becomes water-permeable. Contact adhesives are also used on plastic covers uselessbecause they do not adhere properly to soft plastic.

Convertible top crack repair sewing convertible top repair? Also possible for the layman!

There are also repair methods that work with Silicone, needle and thread be performed. To do this, the affected area is simply sutured with a needle and thread and then sewn with silicone sealed. This type of repair is also usually unattractive and also for plastic roofs should not suitable.

A suitable means of repairing cracks or breaks in the convertible top may be a good one Liquid plastic. This is usually available in stores in the colors black, dark brown, dark blue, red, etc. The liquid is applied directly from the tube to the damaged area according to the instructions. The repair is not necessarily immediately visible, often lasts longer than other methods, and is suitable for plastic and fabric tops.

Repair of a soft plastic soft plastic top window:

Another option are with Resin adhesive coated adhesive tapes, but some of these do not last or only very briefly on a smooth soft plastic surface. In addition, exposure to sunlight and high temperatures will further reduce adhesion. Another negative aspect is the high visibility of the repair method. But here, too, there are various suppliers of liquid plastics for repairing cracks or breaks in convertible top windows. Such a plastic can be applied straight from the tube and without any patches. This type of repair is more durable and barely visible. And so you can not only repair roofs with glued or framed glass panes, but also rubber washers can be repaired.

Convertible top crack repair window pane e1630387528929 Convertible top repair? Also possible for the layman!

Repair process in the car upholstery:

  1. Holes or cracks are precisely located and marked
  2. Affected areas are cleaned thoroughly with a special solvent (hood must be clean, free of grease and dry)
  3. Cracks are glued with a special adhesive (larger holes are repaired by sticking patches on)
  4. The adhesive is cured after about 24 hours
  5. Costs between 100 and 300 euros

Self-directed repair process:

  • Using a repair kit from a specialist retailer
  • Set usually consists of cleaning solvents, patches, glue
  • The cost of the repair kits - approx. 20 euros
  • The vehicle must be in a dry place
  • clean the affected area
  • Apply glue to the patch & roof
  • Apply the patch, then smooth it out
  • remove too much glue
  • Allow to harden for at least 24 hours

Summarizing key points:

  • Convertible top + convertible roof Repair in a car upholstery shop is still much cheaper than replacing the roof
  • The repair of a metal roof is usually not necessary, the repairs are limited to the replacement of worn hinged hinges / electronic components, etc.

Average costs + duration: installation of convertible top / convertible roof

Spare partsSpare part coststotal time
Patch / glue80 - 350 Euro1-1,5 hours
Repair kit15 - 20 Euro0,5-1 hours
Convertible top300 - 800 Euro3-5 hours

Conclusion: patching, gluing or rather an expert?

There are different approaches to successfully repairing damage to the convertible top. Small blemishes can be repaired on your own. However, if the hole is too big, or if the patched hole is still not tight, then an expert should be consulted.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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