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Would you like to register a vehicle for the first time? For this you need one License-plates. And you are welcome to choose this yourself. The desired license plate is also an exciting option for novice drivers, as it is available to everyone. Sounds good? So that you actually get your desired license plate, the Reservation a customized license plate is a clever solution. Yet, how can you Reserve your desired license plate? This can be done online, easily and in just a few steps with a specialist for vehicle signs.

Reserve your desired number plate and drive a vehicle with personality

With a custom number plate, you have an (almost) free choice of letter and number combinations. So you can decide for yourself whether you want to immortalize the abbreviations of your own name, your children's name or a wedding date on your vehicle. Many vehicle owners choose personal data and letters in order to be able to remember the number plate easily. Since the design of a vehicle can also give an indication of the personality of the vehicle owner, it can also be given an individual touch by means of a license plate.

If you prefer this variant, you can string together more letters to form a funny word if the letter of a place matches and get your license plate number from the specialist Voucher Reservations. Schnapszahlen or ascending or descending rows of numbers are also popular choices.

Yet it is not unlimited possible to choose a license plate of your choice. There are legal limits that largely result from German history. For example, for historical reasons it is generally not permitted to use the initials of a first and last name if both names begin with an "S". There is more information about this here.

Reserve license plates - that's how it's done

In order to reserve a personal number plate, you must rather personally go to the admissions office. Instead, simply enter your desired combination of letters and numbers online. A check is then carried out to determine whether the license plate number has not yet been assigned to another vehicle owner. If it is still available and if it meets the legal requirements, you will receive positive feedback from the admissions office and can make the reservation or purchase.

This step is immediately followed by the embossing of your license plates. In most cases you will then receive your number plates already on the next working day delivered. You can order license plates from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 18 p.m. The matching straps are also available. Would you like a bicycle rack sign instead of a classic license plate? You can also get this from the specialist.

These are the advantages of reserving a license plate online

Since license plates are in high demand, there is usually a lot going on at the registration authority. This is associated with correspondingly long waiting times - time that you could use for other purposes. Take the stress out of applying for your license plate from the local licensing authority. The online reservation is efficient and delivers your high-quality license plate to your home at a reasonable price.

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Example: Thomas Wachsmuth, born in 1982 = TW 82

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