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Feasible, but expensive! Retrofit the sunroof!

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Retrofitting the sunroof Cost Tuning Feasible, but expensive! Retrofit the sunroof!

If you want to retrofit a sunroof on your car, you should know the different versions that are available. A distinction is made, for example, between panoramic roofs, folding roofs, sliding glass roofs, lifting roofs and other variants. Furthermore, the retrofit should also pay attention to the cost-benefit factor. The different types of sunroofs and the prerequisites for retrofitting are discussed in more detail below.

Sunroof - what variants are there?

Retrofitting sunroof folding roof Cost Tuning 2 e1593419986648 Feasible, but expensive! Retrofit the sunroof!

A roof system does not have to be completely closed, but can offer ventilation and light intake options. In addition to the conversion to Convertible is for example that too Targa roof, with removable roof middle section, interesting. If you want it to be a bit smaller and simpler, you can also prefer a car with a glass sliding roof that allows a panoramic view upwards and at the same time lets light into the car. Another interesting roof variant are so-called folding roofs. These are available in technically simple versions with different lengths for some vehicles. In addition to folding roofs and sunroofs, vehicles and retrofit kits with a lifting roof are also available. A sunroof not only lets fresh air and light into the car, but also partially serves as a wind deflector. While the interested tuner can choose the right roof when buying a new car, it gets more complicated with used cars without a sliding, folding or lifting roof. Depending on the vehicle model and desired roof system, retrofitting may be an option.

Retrofitting a sunroof - is it feasible?

Retrofitting sunroof folding roof Cost Tuning 3 Feasible, but expensive! Retrofit the sunroof!

Retrofitting a roof system is not inexpensive and improper installation should definitely be avoided. If a retrofit kit is offered particularly cheaply and the conversion is not professional, this can lead to tightness problems and the leaks can rust quickly, depending on the material properties. It should also always be noted that the vehicle roof contributes significantly to the rigidity and safety of the body. Just cut a hole in it and insert a 0815 sunroof if possible. Retrofitting a specific roof system depends on the type of roof system.

Roof systems - which ones can be retrofitted?

Simple glass roofs are happy to be retrofitted and a simple lifting roof with an electric motor can also be retrofitted to most vehicles. If the battery of the vehicle does not allow the lifting roof with an electric motor to be used, then a roof system for cranking (manual opening) can also be considered. Which roof system can be retrofitted also depends on the size of the car roof and, of course, the financial possibilities of the vehicle owner. Folding roofs and smaller glass roofs (sunroofs) can be retrofitted in many vehicle models. However, problems can arise when retrofitting if a vehicle roof is strongly curved or has recessed folds, etc.

Check permission to retrofit a sunroof

TÜV Tuev Dekra test center KÜS Tuning Feasible, but expensive! Retrofit the sunroof!

When retrofitting, care should be taken that the installation does not negatively affect the stability of the body. If in doubt, the vehicle owner should get information from the road traffic office, a vehicle registration office and a specialist workshop about retrofitting and upgrade options. The general operating license for a vehicle can also provide information about sunroofs that can be retrofitted. If you are not sure, you should have the retrofitting of the sunroof approved by a certified test center. It is advisable to inquire about the effect on vehicle registration before the actual installation.

To summarize the most important information:

  • Glass roofs or glass sliding roofs let a lot of light into the vehicle and allow a good view upwards
  • Folding roofs are not technically complex and, depending on their length, let more or less light into the cabin
  • a roof that can be opened makes it unnecessary to use the air conditioning in summer
  • Lift roofs can also function as wind deflectors and prevent unrest in the vehicle
  • Retrofitting or retrofitting is possible
  • Rust and any tightness problems should be considered
  • Retrofitting for almost all vehicle types (except convertible) possible
  • electrical or manual roofs are available
  • smaller sunroofs or folding roofs are easy to retrofit
  • recessed folds, arched vehicle roofs can cause problems
  • Parts of the body that are relevant to stability should not be impaired by the sunroof (torsional rigidity must still be guaranteed)
  • General operating permits for motor vehicles often provide information about sunroofs that can be retrofitted
  • Testing companies can bring about final clarification
  • Do-it-yourself installation is not recommended, because in addition to the knowledge, special tools are often required

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