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Retrofitting an on-board socket in the car? How to do it!

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Retrofit the on-board socket cigarette lighter e1606722013894 Retrofit an on-board socket in the car? How to do it!

On-board sockets are still not built into every vehicle ex works. And many older vehicles generally do not have the useful current generator. In the age of smartphones and tablet PCs, it makes sense to have a socket or another charging option (USB) in the vehicle. There are also many devices with adapters for the cigarette lighter available on the market, which only allow a power supply if a 12-volt connection or a cigarette lighter is available. The retrofitting options for on-board sockets / 12-volt connections are discussed in more detail below.

Retrofitting an on-board socket - is that possible?

Retrofitting an on-board socket with a cigarette lighter 2 e1606722097706 Retrofitting an on-board socket in the car? How to do it!

There are often built-in cigarette lighter and 12 volt connections for Motorcycles available. The articles are characterized by high-performance power lines (thick copper lines) and fire-retardant materials (PA66 nylon). Who has a cigarette lighter when Car If you want to retrofit, you should ensure that the necessary cable position is already available. Strongly sheathed cables like those on a motorcycle are actually not needed in the vehicle. And with some vehicle types, such as older Opel Corsa models, the cables for connecting a cigarette lighter are already available. These were just behind one Blank screen hidden. Tuning enthusiasts can ask a workshop whether retrofitting is possible for their vehicle model and whether the appropriate cables are already available. The manufacturer may also provide information.

12 volt retrofit kit for cigarette lighter

Navigation device GPS retrofitting tuning smartphone retrofitting on-board socket in the car? How to do it!

Interested parties can purchase a retrofit kit for a cigarette lighter for their vehicle model in stores. When buying, you should ensure that the materials used, as with the on-board socket, are fire-retardant (e.g. nylon PA66) and have powerful power lines. Modern retrofit kits usually use thick copper. And you should also pay attention to the right wattage for the respective vehicle. How many watts the retrofit kit can provide is specified in the product description. For example, the cigarette lighter is 12 volts (voltage) and 120 watts (power). There should also be suitable covers for the retrofit kits so that the contacts do not get dusty or otherwise dirty. For example, waterproof, temperature-resistant and long-lasting covers are available for motorcycles. In general, the retrofit kit should be resistant to high currents and high temperatures. It should therefore wear-resistant products be acquired.

Who does not new If you want to buy a retrofit kit, you can also find it in the junkyard with older vehicles. For older models, for example with regard to the Opel brand, the cigarette lighter from the Astra F, Corsa B, Vectra A or E-Kadett can be found and installed in the scrap yard. The used vehicle parts offer an inexpensive retrofit option and usually fit perfectly into the vehicle as an OEM. However, attention should be paid to the compatibility of the cigarette lighter with the respective vehicle model. The employees at the scrap yard can help in the search for suitable spare and retrofit parts in an emergency. If you want to retrofit a socket and already have a cigarette lighter connection, you can use a suitable, commercially available adapter. Do not forget: A separate safeguard!

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