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Retrofitting assistance systems in the vehicle? That's how it's done!

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Retrofit rain sensor rain assistance system e1576585175316 Retrofit assistance systems in the vehicle? That's how it's done!

Nowadays, hardly a new car is sold without assistance systems. Here are Navi, emergency call, light sensor, distance control, parking aids and Co. mostly already on board. There are also retrofitting options for used cars. However, these differ in the Quality and the Features. Assistance systems are no longer just that higher vehicle classes attributed to. Nowadays, assistance systems are also part of the standard equipment of mid-range vehicles and small cars, or at least they are optional available. This means that new car owners can get over the top even with lower vehicle classes Collision and Lane departure warning, as Light- and rain sensor, as well as Reversing Cameras and parking aids delight. Cruise Control and Crosswind Assist are also easily part of the repertoire of standard equipment in small cars.

Assistance systems in the vehicle

According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, the average age of vehicles on German roads is 9,3 years. However, due to the ever faster digitization of the car industry, older vehicles are no longer as well equipped as current new cars or young used ones.

Blind spot assistant retrofitting Side Assist 4 e1577943959349 Retrofitting assistance systems in the vehicle? That's how it's done!

The difference in technology between new and used cars arouses desires that the automotive industry, or at least the many third-party suppliers, are also interested in Retrofit systems react. Rain and light sensors, parking aids or cruise control are already available in the accessories trade under 100 Euro to have (plus installation). As a rule, however, the systems should definitely be in a Specialist workshop must be installed, as the vehicle's electronics must be tapped and can be quickly destroyed.

Good systems convince with full functionality!

Even in the case of a proper retrofitting The assistance systems can function satisfactorily with components from the accessories trade. This also applies to difficult retrofits, such as Blind spot assistants. In connection with radar sensors, these are just as reliable as the original systems of the car manufacturers. At least when it comes to a well-known provider. Only complex systems like Lane keeping or Emergency braking assistants can only be optimally coordinated by the manufacturer.

Retrofitting the night vision assistant system Retrofitting assistance systems in the vehicle? That's how it's done!

You have to process a lot of sensors and data from the vehicle's control computer and are always on that matched to the respective vehicle. The software that is required for this is so far only from the automaker even offered. If such a system is to be retrofitted, one can only fall back on it if there is an option for the vehicle already existed at the factory. Third-party providers are (still) excluded here.

The cost factor is often a knockout criterion

The cost factor But you should never forget to retrofit such factory-installed assistance systems. Is the special sensor or is the cable harness for the system in question not already on board, the subsequent installation is so complex that another vehicle with the desired function is probably more profitable. However, the vehicle manufacturers are keeping an eye on this. And so, for some time now, many have created the option of using on-demand, over-the-air or similar terms, for example a new navigation function or vehicle software online courses unlock. Of course, such new and additional features are usually just against a fee enableable.

many components are already in the vehicle

Often it is too Cruise Control Can be activated comparatively easily when the vehicle already has the preparations. If you have a car with an electronically controlled accelerator pedal, it is often enough to simply install the appropriate software and perhaps subsequently activate it in the corresponding control unit. There are also vehicles that are z. B. only require the Switch for the cruise control that shift paddles for the steering wheel gearshift or the Knopf to be installed for the seat heating. All the other components required for this have long since been on board.

Retrofitting seat heating Tuning experiences Retrofitting assistance systems in the vehicle? That's how it's done!

Be careful with retrofitting solutions with the smartphone

Extreme caution is required with Retrofit solutions with a smartphone or upgraded GPS. An app tells them that they are checking the road via the cell phone camera observedin order to warn the driver when leaving the lane or driving over markings, it is important no exit. Smartphone apps that are supposed to increase security are rarely really capable of doing this. Many solutions recognize solid or dashed lines, but they are unable to to recognize whether the lane change is intended or not.

Retrofitting lane keeping assistant smartphone assistance systems in the vehicle? That's how it's done!

For this, the systems of the car manufacturers work with integrated logical interconnections from the vehicle. In this way, an intentional lane change can be associated with the set indicator and driving over the marking can be classified as intentional. The smartphone cannot know. You can also use retrofitted gadgets too can not be Report via vibrations from the steering wheel or the seat - unlike with solutions ex works. Where should a lane keeping app come from with important information such as the Steering angle know in order to be able to warn reliably? Let alone intervene actively and correct the track? Of course you can can not be .

small solutions are practical and good

However, there are Single solutionsthat increase safety while driving, such as mobile phone holdersthat bring voice control directly into the vehicle. This function is still missing even in many new cars. Text messages and e-mails can be dictated as well as read out, or music selection and navigation can be operated using verbal voice control. Mobile navigation devices also have the function of voice control, hands-free calling via Bluetooth or an automatic emergency call function. And a final argument in favor of retrofitting assistance systems is the resale value. A wide range of equipment helps ensure that a vehicle is in greater demand on the market than the same model without the extra.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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