Noble rims optics with shine turning / diamond copying

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Glanzdrehen Diamantkopieren Tuning Alloy wheels e1558955401701 Noble rims optics with shine turning / diamond copying

Even with a low budget you do not have to renounce as a vehicle owner for cost reasons on the individualization of your mobile pedestal. There are cheap ways like Rim sticker, Tuning valve caps or even one Sport Pedal Set and also very extensive are the possibilities in terms of tires and rims. For example, there would be the method of gloss turning / diamond copying for rims. And this technology can also be used for repairs.

What is glossy turning / diamond copying?

Gloss turning diamond copying tuning alloy wheels 2 noble rims optics with gloss turning / diamond copying

This procedure is recommended for you to prevent damage caused by corrosion, stone chips or other damage to your vehicle. The terms diamond copying and gloss turning refer to the same process for vehicle refinement. In order to remove the surface of an aluminum rim, to grind it to a minimum, a precise CNC lathe equipped with a diamond cutter is used. This tuning process can be used on all variants of aluminum wheels.

Individual glossy turning optics for your vehicle

As a customer your Tuningschmiede offers you an individual gloss turning optics according to your wishes. Diamantkopieren including subsequent acrylic clearcoat seal recommend tuning professionals, if your rims are undamaged. Furthermore, you are offered cost-effective repairs, such as curb damage, including sealing with acrylic clearcoat. Whether repair or rim tuning, the result will inspire you.

Sequence when tuning via Diamantkopieren / Glanzdrehen

Before the repair or refinement of your rims is carried out, the paint is completely removed from your rim. This is followed by a professional powder coating. Only after this preliminary work is done, will be copied diamond. Also, you can repair or tune your two-piece rims (rim beds) by means of shine turning. This relatively inexpensive method is very popular for rim tuning both classic cars and Youngtimern.

For a complete preparation of your rims the following steps are necessary:

  • Paint the entire rim using suitable chemicals
  • Elimination of damage, for example from tapping on a curb
  • Grinding the complete rim in an innovative immersion grinding system
  • Hot cleaning of the rim
  • temper
  • Apply an EP primer
  • individual choice of color
  • Diamond copying with a CNC lathe
  • final seal with high-quality acrylic clearcoat

The following options are available for rim tuning:

  • only rim base
  • Rim including low bed (2 CNC programs required)
  • Rim tuning without deep bed (1 CNC program required)

Strong rims - cool car

Gloss turning Diamond copying Tuning Alloy wheels 4 e1558955605401 Noble rims optics with shine turning / diamond copying

Your personalized car only comes into its own with strong rims. The most important criterion is the highest quality of the rim finishing. Diamond copying makes it possible to offer professional rim tuning inexpensively with manageable effort. The result is a unique 3D effect that is not offered in this perfect form in any catalog. With this top rim tuning, your car will attract attention without exaggerating.

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The use of this technology ensures that the rainbow-colored shimmer of brand new aluminum rims comes out again. The surface of your rims has mirror quality after diamond copying. If your rims need to be repaired, you should definitely include gloss turning in your considerations. Scratches and damage can be removed by diamond copying to a certain depth. The new, beautiful shine of your rims will be retained for a long time thanks to the coating with acrylic clear lacquer.

Advantages and disadvantages Gloss turning / diamond copying


  • relatively inexpensive compared to new rims
  • intense shine
  • precise finishing edges
  • can be used for refining all metal parts


  • elaborate preparations

Of course that had not happened yet!

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