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Info: Krasser exhaust sound via fuel cut

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Thrust Shut-off Pushbutt Tuning Info: Krasser exhaust sound via fuel cut

Reprogramming of fuel cutoff is a popular tuning process. The overrun fuel cutoff is a procedure that should result in a momentary fuel cut. The method is used selectively in an internal combustion engine. The engine should no longer deliver power and be towed by the remaining momentum. An overrun fuel cutoff has been standard equipment in internal combustion engines for decades. The procedure for the temporary interruption of the fuel supply was first used in diesels and later used in gasoline engines.

Fuel cut can increase engine efficiency

Throttle Shutdown Thrust Balls tuning 2 Info: Krasser Exhaust sound via fuel cut

The overrun fuel cut can reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. At the same time the engine efficiency can be increased. A complete separation of the fuel supply occurs when the engine is in overrun mode, the vehicle user is not gas and the engine speed is above the idle speed.  The engine continues to run only by thrust and works completely without emissions. The thrust in this case is the mass inertia and the low fuel consumption due to the overrun fuel cut can be read on the consumption display. In addition to the fuel cut, some automatic transmissions have one sailing modewhich automatically switches to idle. The sail mode should again not be confused with the fuel cut. If the engine speed drops in the direction of the idling speed during overrun, then fuel is returned to keep the engine running. When exhausted, there are no exhaust gases, but no exhaust gas sound is heard.

Programming the fuel cut in the tuning range

Throttle Shutdown Thrust Balls tuning 5 Info: Krasser Exhaust sound via fuel cut

The overrun fuel cutoff can be reprogrammed to prevent fuel cut off. The fuel cutoff is not completely deactivated during reprogramming. The shutdown is shifted to the rear. As a result of the programming of the fuel cutoff misfires can be generated. At the same time, a Bubble be generated in the exhaust system. The exhaust gas sound is retained by reprogramming the fuel cutoff. Reprogramming the fuel cutoff is a complex undertaking and should only be carried out by professionals. In some forums it is mentioned that programming is done with VCDS. For the functional reprogramming of the fuel cut, however, a complete readjustment of the engine control is required. The re-adjustment of the engine control takes place in overrun mode. In Germany workshops can be found, for example, which offer the deactivation of fuel cut-off together with a Kernfeldoptimierung. Here we would like to mention, for example, under partner companies Special Concepts.

When choosing the right tuning workshop to re-program the overrun fuel cutoff, it is essential to pay attention to modern and professional know-how. At the end... The overrun fuel cut-off is fitted as standard in combustion engines and ensures reduced CO2 emissions. At the same time fuel is saved and the engine runs on for a short time without fuel injection. If the fuel cut is in operation, then no exhaust noise is heard. By reprogramming the overrun fuel cutoff, for example, the desired tuning sound can be retained and the fuel cutoff can be shifted to the rear. However, it is advisable to have such reprogramming done by a professional. This can safely carry out the complex process and immediately make a re-adjustment of the engine control. Only VCDS should not be used to program overrun fuel cutoff.

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