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Tip: sun visor strip allowed? We tell you!

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Sun visor strips legal situation Fine 1 tip: Sun visor strips allowed? We tell you!

The last few weeks have been really tough, partly over 30 degrees in May and also June is not less hot. In addition to the classic Window tinting For the rear side windows and the rear window is also a sun visor a good way to let a little less heat in the car while maintaining a cool look. But is that allowed? Basically, allowed on the windshield namely none "Stickers" are attached. Exceptions are the environmental badge or various vignettes. But these must also be placed clearly outside the field of vision. For example, on the passenger side in the lower right area or on the driver's side in the lower left area. Tip: In this way, the old vignette is removed without leaving any residue! And so-called "GlareStrip"Insofar as they have a general operating permit (ABE - type approval according to § 22 a Abs. 1 Nr. 3 StVZO) bring with you. This is because they are not regarded as “stickers”.

Apply anti-glare strips to the windshield - click
Sun visor strips legal situation Fine 2 tip: Sun visor strips allowed? We tell you!

The legislator stipulates that a maximum 10 cm wide tint film strip may be attached to the upper edge of the windshield, provided that the type approval for this strip is available. Many vehicles have this sun protection already ex works, so that an additional film is not necessary, but can still be attached. The maximum 10 cm corresponds to the covered field of vision when the vehicle's sun visor is completely folded down and bent forward to the windscreen. In this case, too, about 10 cm of the windshield is covered. A sun visor strip with a valid ABE will never cover more than 0,1 m² (or 10 qdm) of the windshield. The exact regulation follows:

  1. Total area of ​​all stickers attached to the disc Never exceed 0,1 sqm
  2. it may Do NOT spread pesto on this layer! as a 1/4 be glued to the pane surface
  3. Disc mount must of stickers Free stay
  4. § 35b paragraph 2 sentence 1 of the StVZO applies unobstructed view to be considered ("A sufficient field of vision must be guaranteed for the vehicle driver under all operating and weather conditions")
  5. wide windshields of approx. 130 cm may have a strip of 7,7 cm, for example, when there are no further stickers. Since this is virtually impossible, there actually is no legal leeway für eine effective assembly of a sun visor strip

It is best to measure and calculate beforehand! It should also be noted that jamming or a connection between the film and the pane surround or the rubber seal is not permitted. A clear view must be guaranteed at all times. Also ours Tuning Assistant revisit this topic on page 51.

Sun visor strips legal situation Fine 3 tip: Sun visor strips allowed? We tell you!

Foils on the windscreen (sun visor strip):

  • Total area of ​​all stickers affixed to the glass must not exceed 0,1 square meters
  • It is forbidden to jam or connect the foil to the window frame or rubber seal
  • a clear view must be guaranteed
  • ABE (general operating permit) must be present
  • Carry ABE with you if no entry has been made in the vehicle license (§ 19 Paragraph 4 StVZO)
  • In addition, foils must have a test mark (§§ 22a Paragraph 2, 69a Paragraph 2 No. 7 StVZO, § 23 StVG - sa proclamation of the BMV dated May 27.05.86, 1986, VkBl. 306, p. XNUMX)

And this is how it is done!

Please ensure that the temperature in the vehicle hall is at least 10 degrees above zero amounts to. Better still between 15 and 20 degrees. The following instructions show the installation of the sun visor strip Outside on the windshield. Basically, the installation is also a mirror image Interior possible. There is a video below. For a longer shelf life, the variant for inside is more recommended. The installation is due to the smaller space, the interior mirror and the Screen printing dots but usually on the windshield more difficult.

Pics by racingdirect.fr

Attention: If the sun visor strip is applied, then you should wait at least 2-3 hours in sunshine until the vehicle is moved. The windshield wipers should also be used during this time should not be used. If it rains, the vehicle should even be parked all night. The visit to the car wash should at earliest after 3 days. And please make sure that the legally prescribed values ​​with regard to the dimensions are adhered to and that the sun visor strip has a test seal and an ABE. Only then can legal use be guaranteed.

Video tutorial for the inside!

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  1. I find the sentence “For particularly small panes, however, the 10 cm does not apply, but rather the 0,1 square meter rule” is misleading, since the maximum 0,1 square meter is actually reached much earlier than with particularly large, i.e. wide panes the maximum height of 10cm.

    • Hi Marco,

      true, that was not expressed in an understandable way. We have adjusted the text a little. Thank you for the info.

    • Hello,

      The sun visor film may or will go into the far field of view
      Section 35b (2) sentence 1 of the StVZO no longer complied with the unobstructed view?

      Or is the visual point just the limit to the unobstructed view?
      So the lower edge of the film must be above the eye point?

      Eye point = vertical 130mm in front of the front edge of the backrest, 700mm above the unloaded driver's seat in the middle position.

      Far field of view = 29cm wide field, 30cm above the center of the steering wheel, bounded above and below by the line of the windshield wiper.

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