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Useful & chic: A cool towing loop on the car!

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Tow strap Tow hook Tow eye Tuning e1563339237710 Useful & chic: A cool tow strap on the car!

Towing eyes and towing loops in the car primarily serve a practical purpose, but may also be interesting for the tuning range for optical reasons. But what are towing eyes or towing loops and what purpose do the articles fulfill? These and other questions are clarified below.

known from motorsport

Tow strap Tow hook Tow eye Tuning 2 e1563339360845 Useful & chic: A cool tow strap on the car!

Towing loops or towing eyes are fastened in the front or rear area of ​​the vehicle and serve to pull the vehicle off the road and tow it. The loops and eyelets are widely used in motor sports. If cars are left lying on the track, they have to be removed quickly and easily from the racetrack. This is easily possible with the loops and eyes. Often, in addition to the eyelets, a large arrow or similar reference applied to the eyelet immediately recognize. In some wild foliations with bright colors, sponsors name, etc., that is anything but a matter of course in the heat of the fight. The items do not have to be bought in boring colors. In the tuning sector, colorful towing eyes and towing loops are available, which contribute more to the individualisation of the car than to the benefit.

Advantages - tow loops and towing eyes

Tow strap Tow hook Tow eye Tuning 3 e1563339484549 Useful & chic: A cool tow strap on the car!

The articles are prescribed for racing cars and corresponding events, such as the GLP. At the private vehicle, they just look good and the car gets visually a little racing car flair with the towing loops. Towing loops are not allowed permanently installed in every country. At least not if the car is to be moved on the road. Before you make your car with tow loops front or back (or both), you should inform yourself with knowledgeable people about the StVO and let you explain what is allowed when tuning the car and especially this topic. If the loop is screwed into the holder and there is no metal protruding so is a permanent use usually unproblematic. A standard towing hook made of metal, however, may only be used if the vehicle is really towed.

Rigid towing devices are often prohibited

TÜV Tuev Dekra test center KÜS Tuning Useful & chic: A cool tow strap on the car!

And here the legislator also argues comprehensibly and understandably. Towing devices, which are made of steel or iron, are prohibited, according to StVO, permanently installed. The rigid towing devices endanger pedestrians and can lead to dangerous injuries. Alone when passing by there can be bad injuries when you hang with the shin on such a rigid towing. Before buying and installing Tuningösen, so the legal situation should be observed and possibly clarified. The cool towing loops, however, as already mentioned, not rigid and could be permanently allowed for road traffic. But here too, it is important to note the legal situation before installing towing loops and to seek advice from professionals.

What to look for when buying?

Tow strap Tow hook Tow eye Tuning 4 e1563339612536 Useful & chic: A cool tow strap on the car!

In addition to the legal component, other factors also play a role. Thus, the towing device should be suitable for holding the respective vehicle. The towing device must be securely fastened. Depending on the vehicle model, a special thread with pitch may be necessary. But towing, for example, are not necessarily standardized. It is therefore essential to consult a tuning workshop to find the right model to avoid damage and pointless expenses. In general, it is advisable to have the towing device installed by a workshop. A professional tuning workshop can help you to find the right towing loop. Note: A vehicle has to be Towing device have. All information is available in our article "The towing device - mandatory on every vehicle!".

chic look and real use

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