Rarely wanted: A wedge suspension after lowering

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Wedge Gear Suspension Wedge Shape Tuning Lowering Rarely Wanted: A Wedge Suspension After Lowering

Autotuning covers all areas of the vehicle. It includes the body, the interior, the engine and its components as well as many other individual elements, which should result in a complete and harmonious Tuningobjekt throughout. An essential and often changed element is the chassis, to which we dedicate ourselves in the following. In 80% of cases, one wants to get a lowering of the car, but in some cases, a raise is the goal (for example, at SUV's or pickup's) or simply with a bad path suspension that often brings a few millimeters more ground clearance.

Which types of lowering are there?

Wedge gear Suspension Wedge shape Tuning Lowering 2 Rarely intended: A wedge suspension after lowering

There are different types of suspension tuning. The most common method is, as already mentioned, the lowering of the car. There are different variants. First, there is the uniform lowering. This means that both the front and the rear axle are lowered by the same height (eg 40 / 40mm). Another option is the so-called wedge suspension, Here, the front axle is lowered more like the rear axle, so that the vehicle is tilted forward (eg 60 / 20mm). The third option is a mixture of both. The individual lowering. Through a coilover kit, you can individually determine the increase and decrease of the front and rear axle and change at any time and thus theoretically even achieve a reverse effect. Namely, if you lower the rear axle much lower than the front axle. That would be a reverse wedge.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Keilfahrwerks.

Wedge gear Suspension Wedge shape Tuning Lowering 3 Rarely intended: A wedge suspension after lowering
In the right ratio quite cool

What is the advantage of the wedge gear? An advantage of the wedge suspension is that the appearance of the car is more dynamic and aggressive when it stays in the frame. By lowering the front and the higher rear, the vehicle acts more like a sports car. If you overdo it, however, and lower the front axle too much, in relation to the rear axle, the car is often quite ridiculous there. Another benefit, although the effects may vary, is the greater pressure on the front axle as the center of gravity shifts slightly. But as already mentioned, the effect depends on several factors, such as tire pressure, travel, spring strength, height of the lowering of the front axle and raising the rear axle. And last of all from the vehicle, of course! For the outsider, the car often gets a bad look, without having to change the headlight optics. For regular use of a trailer with a vehicle without level control, the wedge can even be used to bring the car back into a straight position. It does not hang with the stern.

What is the disadvantage of the wedge gear?

Wedge gear Suspension Wedge shape Tuning Lowering 4 Rarely intended: A wedge suspension after lowering
often to see if too much lowering

A disadvantage is that the load on the front axle is increased and thus can increase the wear of the brake, the axle geometry and the tires. The ground clearance between the apron and the road is reduced, so you have to pay more attention to bumps and other bumps. The aerodynamics are also changed by the vehicle inclination. The aerodynamics and the air resistance caused by the body was developed without a wedge and optimized by the manufacturer. The changed vehicle inclination can change everything to the negative. This can be the result of increased fuel consumption.

What to look for in the wedge gear?

TÜV Tuev Dekra test center KÜS Tuning Only rarely wanted: a wedge chassis after lowering

In the case of a wedge gear, care must be taken that it complies with the regulations for use on public roads. Under certain circumstances, consultations with a TÜV or DEKRA test center are to be held here. If the wedge shape is achieved with sports springs or a special chassis, it is often the case that an expert opinion shows that the tested settings are correct. Furthermore, the suspension of the front and rear axles are to be coordinated so that the vehicle does not get bad driving characteristics. It should also be noted whether the car is a rear or front-wheel drive. In a front-wheel drive, the driving characteristics change less, in a Hecktriebler that may look a bit different with a Keilwerk.

especially in the 80er years spread

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Mercedes E Class C238 ADV.1 ADV05 M.V2 Tuning 7 Rarely intended: A wedge suspension after lowering

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