Friday July 23, 2021

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We tell you what crankshaft / Schrick camshaft means!

schrick camwelle keyword When it comes to crankshaft / Schrick camshaft, this is your placeThe crankshaft / Schrick camshaft has the task of converting the resulting piston forces, which are passed on via the so-called connecting rod, into torque and then finally transferring this resulting torque to the transmission via the clutch. The transmission, in turn, supplies the power to the driven wheels via drive shafts.

A crankshaft / Schrick camshaft can even be mounted in a height-adjustable manner and thus achieve variable compression. By installing an eccentrically mounted crankshaft bearing, the crankshaft / Schrick camshaft is raised. A particular advantage of the variable compression is the lower consumption of 25% in the partial load range.

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