Tip: What to do if the ABS light is yellow?

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Various yellow indicator lights that can suddenly light up in the vehicle's instrument cluster different statements about different functions of the vehicle. In case of ABS indicator light applies that the system no longer works properly. Either it is completely out of order, or the function is at least limited. And if the vehicle's ABS lamp lights up because of a fault in a wheel speed sensor, then lights up in cars with a so-called electronic stability program additionally also the ESP warning light. We have summarized the most important information on possible causes and consequences of a permanently lit ABS lamp for you.

The most important facts at a glance!

  • When the ABS light (ABS lamp) directly after the start of the vehicle lights up yellow longer, there is a Problem with the ABS system (Anti-lock braking system). This system generally ensures that the wheels under heavy braking don't block and the vehicle remains steerable. The system ensures more safety and shorter braking distances.

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  • If the lamp lights up yellow, this indicates a problem and you should drive to a workshop quickly to investigate the cause. For safety reasons, you should have one on the way to the workshop greater safety distance to other vehicles in order to avoid emergency braking.

What does the ABS light actually look like?

ABS lamp warning message 1You can easily recognize the ABS light, as it has the abbreviation "SECTION" is marked. In most cases these three letters can be found within a circle. When the lamp is active, it emits a yellow light.

What causes the ABS light to glow yellow continuously?

It is best to leave the causes for the lighting up of the ABS light direct in the workshop clarify. In order to be able to determine the fault, your mechanic will first read out the fault memory of the vehicle. Maybe you have one OBD dongle ready, such as from OBDeleven, Carly, carista or maybe even one VCDS system (for VAG vehicles), then you can at least read out what exactly the problem is and inform the workshop about it. Typically the following Causes lead to light up:

  • defective ABS or wheel speed sensor
  • defective wiring on the ABS or wheel speed sensor
  • defective fuse of the ABS system
  • Defective pressure sensor in the ABS block
  • defective ABS control unit

Delete errors yourself?

As already mentioned, an error readout can possibly solve the problem limited become. The error across the board delete but we can at this point not recommend. After all, the braking system is a safety-relevant component from the vehicle. Error messages, regardless of whether they are permanent or sporadic, should always be clarified by a specialist workshop. If you still dare to try to simply delete the error, then you should with low speed and away from other road users, take a long test drive to see whether the error occurs again.

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If this is not the case, the cause can only be one undervoltage have been in the electrical system. A renewed error reading can't hurt in this case. If there are no more errors and everything works fine, then the problem is maybe already fixed. However, a timely brake check in a specialist workshop can do no harm and usually only costs a few euros.

How does a permanently glowing yellow ABS light affect the main inspection?

The ABS system is not only for you as a driver, but also for all other road users security relevant, therefore, a problem with the ABS system poses one significant deficiency For this reason, with a permanently illuminated ABS light you will die General inspection for sure not pass.

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