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Relief in traffic jams - adaptive cruise control cruise control

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Cruise control cruise control system Cruise Control 2 Relief in traffic jams Adaptive cruise control cruise control

As a Adaptive Cruise Control, short ACC and adaptable to German Cruise Control, is called a safety assistant in a motor vehicle. It is a cruise control, i.e. a device that automatically maintains the entered speed and at the same time scans the vehicles in front to brake if necessary. This means that the vehicle can brake and accelerate autonomously, if necessary, and the driver only has to theoretically steer.

How does adaptive cruise control work?

Adaptive cruise control cruise control ACC Relief in traffic jams Adaptive cruise control cruise control

Vehicles with this assistant must always be equipped with technology that can intervene in the engine and the brake in order to be able to adjust and maintain the speed of the car. They also need a radar or lidar system in the front of the vehicle to scan vehicles in front. Radar technology is used almost exclusively in current vehicles because it is more advanced. For example, if the driver is on the motorway and sets the cruise control at 110 km / h, the speed is maintained until a vehicle drives ahead at a pre-set distance. In this case, the cruise control brakes the vehicle automatically and accelerates it again to the set 110 km / h when the vehicle in front is no longer within range. Modern systems can even carry out emergency braking and stop and start independently in slow traffic. This should relieve the driver, especially on long freeway journeys and slow city traffic, and draw his attention to traffic.

Can an ACC be retrofitted?

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Retrofitting can be very complex and expensive, depending on the vehicle and existing interfaces. At best, the vehicle already has a normal cruise control. Then the corresponding sensor, as well as the attachment for the grille, an additional wiring harness with the appropriate control unit, a switch for activation and a new one instrument cluster needed. Depending on the manufacturer's solution, individual parts may already be present and no longer need to be installed for retrofitting. After installation, the entire system must be adjusted and programmed in order to ensure safe functioning. Accordingly, retrofitting is very complex and involves high costs. Universal installation kits are unfortunately so far can not be offered, because the individual circumstances and requirements in each vehicle must be addressed, which is why an individual solution is necessary.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an ACC?

A major advantage of the system is that the driver is relieved, which means that he can fully concentrate on the traffic. For example, rear-end collisions due to carelessness and human error can be prevented. Such a system is also very comfortable and makes driving more pleasant and relaxed. However, this advantage can also be disadvantageous if the driver draws attention to something else or even falls asleep as a result of this relaxation. In conclusion, it can be said that an ACC can help and relieve pressure in many situations, but care should still be taken to pay attention to traffic.

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