Active belt feeder - upper class luxury for retrofitting!

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Retrofitting an active belt feeder Fastening aid 2 Active belt feeder upper class luxury for retrofitting!

The belt feeders has not been for a long time Luxury element more. The article is interesting for almost every vehicle and can also be used as a active belt feeder in vehicles retrofitted will. The belt feeder should do that Buckle up make it easier and is also of interest to drivers who frequently older riders to have. The following is a closer look at the belt feeders and his Advantages received.

Seat belt feeder - Mercedes introduced it

Retrofitting an active belt feeder Fastening aid 3 Active belt feeder upper class luxury for retrofitting!

The seat belt feeder from Mercedes was launched in Introduced in 1981. The one at that time S-Class Coupé could do this for the time advanced equipment Offer. Mercedes still carries the belt feeder in today large coupes. The article is still today called "little miracle“And is considered to be more useful everyday helpers in the automobile. As a rule, the belt feeder inspires people after just one use. On the one hand remind he ans Buckle up and on the other hand he makes a unnecessary dislocation not necessary.

Belt feeder - what does the automotive part do?

Retrofit active belt feeder Buckle aid 4 e1608616572372 Active belt feeder upper class luxury for retrofitting!

Through the belt feeder Driver and passenger easier at Seat belt come. The seat belts are especially useful in large coupes because of the large doors often far back at the B-pillars attached and can only difficult to achieve will. Exceptions here are vehicles that use seat belts directly in the vehicle seat have installed. So that the passengers in the front seats can still buckle up without any problems belt feeders used. The belt feeder should not only be used as a comfortable vehicle Accessories to be viewed as. The article is also one Warning devicewhich indicates put on the belt. So the belt feeder also flexes Belt grouches before.

Belt feeder - how does it work?

A belt feeder automatically moves out of the Deepening of the B-pillar out and reach Driver or Co-drivers the strap. The vehicle electronics registered when doors open and closed will. The belt feeder itself usually only reacts after turning on that ignition or after the start of the motor. There are different versions and the number of belt feeders also depends on the vehicle manufacturer dependent. Some companies also have one in retail Retrofitting option available for belt feeder. The articles are sent to the vehicle electronics connected and are essentially with the functions of the known variant identical ex works.

Belt feeder - many higher-class models are equipped with it

Retrofitting an active belt feeder Fastening aid 6 Active belt feeder upper class luxury for retrofitting!

Mercedes, BMW and other makes of cars have been featured in certain vehicle models belt feeders installed for many years. Especially Coupes are equipped with the intelligent systems. A Retrofit set but is also for Tuner and Car enthusiasts older vehicle models Interesting. When buying one Belt feeder should be a universal article that can be used in many car models, Bought be with one Zulassung. If a vehicle is known to be in another model version already belt feeders has, then should be manufacturers or in one Workshop nach neinem Original retrofit kit being asked. Original belt feeders can possibly be purchased and installed will. If one retrofitting one Belt feeder for the vehicle is possible that should be in an appropriate Specialist workshop to be found out and beforehand with a Test organization be clarified. The manufacturers of the Retrofit kits of course know in which car models their items can be installed and whether the systems are legally approved.

Are there specific retrofit kits?

Yes, there are certain providers. For example TRW. They have a technology for the seat belt for retrofitting developed. The active belt feeder (Active Seat Belt Presenter - ASBP) are installed in the B-pillar from the car and he puts the seat belt around up to 30 cm forward. This means that the occupants can grip it more easily to buckle up and have to don't turn around anymore. The ASBP system from TRW can be directly integrated into the Height Adjustment of the belt in the B-pillar to be installed. If the driver or front passenger is in the car, then a small arm hands him the seat belt. If the vehicle occupant puts on the seat belt, then he drives Arm back again. For most vehicles, in order to integrate the system into the B-pillar, no major modificationsexcept at the interior panelling, necessary. The range of how far the technology brings the seat belt forward depends, of course, on respective vehicle dependent.

Retrofitting an active belt feeder Fastening aid Active belt feeder upper class luxury for retrofitting!

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Retrofitting an active belt feeder Fastening aid 2 Active belt feeder upper class luxury for retrofitting!

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