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Sound Symphony - Active Sound Booster by Cete Automotive

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Cete automotive active Sound unit 3 Sound Symphony Active Sound Booster from Cete Automotive


In times of discussions about CO2 limit values ​​and climate change, V8 engines are threatened with extinction. Ever smaller downsizing units with turbochargers and high liter output are outpacing the large-volume eights, which cannot keep up with the smaller turbo units in terms of minimum consumption. As sensible as it is that the car manufacturers rely on downsizing, it is a shame for sound fetishists that the three- and four-cylinder turbo gasoline engines often sound a little weak compared to an eight-cylinder. You won't get that typical V8 sound even with a sports exhaust system with flap control, since a three-cylinder turbo still sounds tinny and a four-cylinder turbo usually doesn't offer enough depth in the sound bouquet to compete with a V8 petrol engine to be able to.

also for plug-in hybrids and e-cars

Cete automotive active Sound unit 2 Sound Symphony Active Sound Booster from Cete AutomotiveBut that's history now, because with the Cete Active Sound Booster you can conjure up a V8 bubbling into a smaller engine, which doesn't sound artificial, but really authentic and sonorous. Even for plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles, there is the option of installing the system via CAN-BUS to not only feel the fat torque that is already present in an electric car from idling, but also a wonderful sound. The Active Sound System consists of a sound generator which, depending on the space available, is either installed under the car or in the spare wheel well. In addition, the Active Sound Unit with free app control via mobile phone also contains a vehicle-specific wiring harness, which enables smooth installation.

Cete automotive active sound unit Sound Symphony Active Sound Booster from Cete Automotive

You can achieve an absolutely authentic V8 sound with the sound generator due to its steel housing, which even exits through its own tailpipe. Via the CAN bus, the Active Sound Booster is supplied with information such as the selected gear, engine speed and engine load, which means that the sound is adapted to the current driving situation. As a result, you can feel a significantly sportier driving experience in the interior and maybe also put a smile on your passengers' faces, but definitely an astonished facial expression. The latest development stage called Active Sound Unit offers an expanded range of settings and a significantly more realistic sound image compared to the predecessor. As a customer, you have the choice between several completely different sounding sound files, which have very different sound characteristics.


These files are all in a single control unit, so you don't have to change the control unit of your engine. In addition, the system can even imitate misfires like those seen in AMG, RS or M models and the new Hyundai i30 N. However, these are arbitrary and not determined according to a specific scheme. The misfire function can be switched on and off via the app via smartphone. The various sound characteristics and fine adjustment options of the system can also be conveniently controlled via the app, which means that you can optimally adjust the sound of your car depending on your taste. And you can even trigger an automatic reduction of engine sounds in certain speed ranges with this app. The sound generator can be installed on all models with a CAN bus system, and if you are interested, you can get all the information on the website of Cete Automotive GmbH.

Active Suspension Control System & Active Valve Control

The Cete Automotive GmbH is not only a manufacturer of Active Sound Systems but also of other vehicle technology. For example, since the year 2015, the company also has the Active suspension control system Releases. This is a module that enables individual lowering of cars with standard air suspension systems. And just 1 year later, Cete Automotive has the so-called Active Valve Control included in the repertoire. The possibility of individual control of exhaust systems that have an electronic flap control. In this way, the flaps can be opened or closed beyond the dimensions specified by the manufacturers.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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