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Better insulation: additional seals for the vehicle!

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Additional seals Double seals Tuning 4 Better insulation: additional seals for the vehicle!

Anyone traveling with a van will know it. Lute wind noise, especially on the highway, are simply part of it. And that too Close the doors or the tailgate, especially on a transporter, sound different due to the design Limousine or a SUV. A loud and tinny noise can usually not be avoided. But exactly this problem can be solved with additional door seals reduce in a few minutes. The seals are available as meter from different providers and they can be installed in almost all vehicle types. Basically this is also the case with other vehicles possible as a transporter.

universally suitable rubber seals

Additional seals Double seals Tuning e1608116761548 Better insulation: additional seals for the vehicle!

Such an additional rubber seal can also be installed in a sedan or SUV. To what extent a similarly clear effect will then arise is questionable, because vehicles in the premium segment in particular are already significantly better soundproofed. But you have the feeling that the vehicle is too loud and only absorbs insufficient disturbing noises from outside, then such is additional rubber seal certainly worth a try. Of course, it should always be ensured that this continues all functions for easy to open and Close the doors are given. With regard to the van, the additional rubber seal is simply glued inside the vehicle door so that it can with the frame from the car.

Installation done in a few minutes

Additional seals Double seals Tuning 3 e1608116979837 Better insulation: additional seals for the vehicle!

Basically you just have to molding follow the door. And you can do the same on the tailgate. It also causes strong wind noises and can be "calmed down" with an additional seal. When installing, however, always paid attention that no processes for the rainwater or the Hinges be hindered. If necessary, the additional door seals should simply "fragmented" will. Also so that the air can escape when the door is slammed. If that is not the case, then may not close the door or incomplete. Of course, it always depends on the vehicle. Besides the better soundproofing Incidentally, they also protect the seals from ugly stains due to Splashing water inside the doors.

Installation possible in all areas

Additional seals Double seals Tuning 2 e1608116823884 Better insulation: additional seals for the vehicle!

In principle, such a double seal can be installed on all 4 doors, in the area of ​​the tailgate and also around the opening of the bonnet. Whether and to what extent a measurable improvement will occur, however, cannot be said in general terms.

Tutorial for installing a double seal - VW T5

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