The star in focus. The new AEZ Berlin.

AEZ Berlin Dark MERC Terpic05 press

From the A-Class to the S-Class, Mercedes has been constantly setting new standards for years. AEZ does the same and offers the new Berlin design for the 2022/23 winter season with numerous ECE applications, especially for vehicles with the star. The multi-spoke design underscores the familiar design language of the sporty Mercedes automobiles and provides additional glossy effects.

new AEZ Berlin

  • The multispoke design rim, specially developed for Mercedes vehicles
  • Many ECE and ABE connections
  • Available from autumn 2022

AEZ Berlin Black MER Nterpic01 Press

The glossy black version of the AEZ Berlin black looks sporty with the additional accent of the polished rim flange. The AEZ Berlin dark, with the black front-polished finish, on the other hand, underlines the elegance of the new all-electric EQA model, for example. Whichever variant the driver chooses in the end: the light, sweeping lines of the spokes harmonize with the recessed wheel center and look just as sporty or elegant as the vehicles for which they were developed. Available in the dimensions 7,5×18″ to 9,0×19″, AEZ offers numerous ECE applications, including for the Mercedes A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, GLC, EQA and E-Class models , for use without approval, including several AMG variants. Loads of up to 775 kilograms and an extensive range of ABE connections round off the product range.

AEZ Berlin Black MER Nterpic03 Press

Data and facts – AEZ Berlin:

  • dimensions: 7,5×18, 8,5×18, 7,5×19, 8,0×19, 8,5×19, 9,0×19 inch
  • Drilling: 5 hole
  • Paintwork: glossy black with polished horn, glossy black front polished
  • Design type: cast, one piece
  • load: up to 775 kg
  • ECE: A class, B class, CLA, C class, GLC, EQA, E class
  • ABE: for many car models
  • TPMS: 100% TPMS-FIT
  • Price: from 242 Euro (Germany)
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Photo credit: AEZ

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