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What are so-called Air Breathers for the vehicle?

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Air Breathers Fender Openings Tuning 2 What are so-called Air Breathers for the vehicle?

The lower the air resistance on the car, the lower the consumption. In this way, at least the work on the so-called drag coefficient can be justified. The drag coefficient is used to determine the aerodynamic properties of a car. Vehicle manufacturers are working to keep the drag coefficient as low as possible in order to reduce vehicle consumption. This in turn has a positive effect on CO2 emissions, because these are also reduced because CO2 can be saved. So-called air breathers also help with the goal of “low drag coefficient”.

Air Breather - what is it?

Air Breathers Fender Openings Tuning What are so-called Air Breathers for the vehicle?

Air breathers for reducing the air resistance on the vehicle by no means describe the air fresheners available under the same name. Air Breather is the name for the slots in the fenders of modern vehicles (the name comes from the manufacturer BMW) can be found. Air breathers are intended to eliminate the annoying air turbulence that can arise in the wheel arch. A distinction is made in this context between the terms air breather and air curtain. An air curtain is the air curtain that is created through the slots in the bumper. This air curtain lies in front of the wheel. Air breathers are necessary so that the air can be directed to the wheel arch.

Air Breather, Weight Loss, and More

Air Breathers Fender Openings Tuning 3 What are so-called Air Breathers for the vehicle?

Air breathers are one of the many strategies for reducing the drag coefficient and lowering the fuel consumption of a vehicle. In addition to the innovative use of the ventilation slots, other options are also being tested to improve aerodynamics. For example, movable rim flaps are being tested in order to make the cooling of the brakes more effective. If cooling is not necessary, the rim flaps close the spokes and thus ensure better aerodynamics. This method doesn't necessarily have to go into production, but it is an example of the versatility with which developers want to reduce drag and save fuel. Weight reduction is also a way of reducing fuel consumption and is implemented by many car manufacturers. For example, lightweight materials are preferred in the vehicle body and in the interior of a modern car.

Forms that favor flow do not have to be more expensive

Lightweight constructions, air breathers and many other innovations should lead to reduced fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Approaches that have a major impact are generally preferred. These approaches should be economically viable. The drag coefficient reduction can be implemented cost-effectively because plastic cladding and slight changes in shape can already help improve aerodynamics.

Air Breather - elegant look

Air breathers are not only suitable for reducing air resistance. The articles also contribute to a noble vehicle look. They can be found in modern vehicles, for example, with a carbon look or metal look. Air breathers are used in BMW vehicles, for example. Air breathers offer the tuning area an interesting opportunity to improve the vehicle's aerodynamics and reduce air turbulence on the vehicle. At the same time, the vehicle is given a visual eye-catcher. It is conceivable that Air Breather will play a bigger role in vehicle tuning in the future. Visually and technically, the articles offer individual tuning options. A tuning vehicle with ventilation slots in the fender that have a carbon look or a metal look simply looks better.

Air Breathers Fender Openings Tuning 7 e1600857034718 What are so-called Air Breathers for the vehicle?

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Air Breathers Fender Openings Tuning 2 What are so-called Air Breathers for the vehicle?

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