Professional air conditioning cleaning: you have to pay attention to that!

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The benefits of professional air conditioning cleaning are numerous. Especially in spring, allergy sufferers have to struggle with pollen and therefore appreciate a functioning air conditioning system all the more. However, the Climate & Environment only work optimally if they are regularly maintained and cleaned. Otherwise, the device can become a germ sling, as bacteria and mold can grow on the evaporator settle where condensation moisture and thus an ideal breeding ground is created. If the bacteria multiply unhindered, they are transported by the blower into the passenger compartment and can not only cause unpleasant things odors, but also trigger allergies. That is why professional cleaning of the air conditioning system is essential.

The importance of direct evaporator cleaning!

A fundamental factor in effective air conditioning service is direct access to the vaporizer and its purification. In modern vehicles, this access is usually quite easy via the pollen filter be reached. Any other cleaning method that does not allow direct access to the vaporizer will not be as effective. Thorough cleaning of the vaporizer starts with thorough drying. It is then treated with a special cleaning agent that effectively kills bacteria and mold.

Evaporator Air Conditioning Car Clean Bacteria Clean

It is also possible to spray some disinfectant into the ventilation ducts, but this must be done very carefully so that no liquid gets into places where it may not belong. Finally, the evaporator is dried again and this essentially completes the professional cleaning of the air conditioning system.

tips for professional Cleaning!

A regular Air conditioning disinfection is recommended, preferably before the start of the spring air conditioning season. The ideal rhythm for this is the semi-annual cleaning in spring and autumn. Many workshops now offer this service, often even in combination with it Tire rotation (Summer Winter). Although there are also air conditioning cleaners for private users, the difference to the professional variant in the workshop is significant. The latter method is simply much more thorough, since it also cleans the evaporator, which most motorists do not even see, let alone professionally clean themselves.

Clean the air conditioner yourself!

There is an alternative for those who are reluctant to have their air conditioning professionally cleaned in a workshop due to cost or time constraints. You can open Air Conditioning Cleaner which are sprayed directly onto the evaporator as a disinfectant spray with a long probe. Der Vorteil: Private individuals can carry out this type of cleaning themselves. The disadvantage: Such cleaning does not achieve the same thoroughness as professional cleaning in the workshop. However, if your only concern is to eliminate unpleasant odors inside the vehicle, there are other products. These are easy to use and can eliminate the stench in the ventilation ducts in a matter of minutes.

Have the air conditioning professionally cleaned!

If you opt for an air conditioning service in a specialist workshop, you will receive a comprehensive cleaning of the evaporator. There are various methods offered by manufacturers, such as ultrasonic cleaning or foam cleaning. While these methods kill the germs, they flush them out not from the evaporator. However, if the dead bacteria remain on the evaporator, they can serve as an ideal breeding ground for the next bacterial infestation. Such cleaning can therefore not be considered complete and is often not worth the money.

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Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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  1. Alex Finsterbusch

    A professional air conditioning cleaning is in fact essential to ensure optimal air quality in the car and avoid allergies. My sister had an unpleasant experience a few years ago when she was going on vacation in her car and suddenly an unbearable smell came from the air conditioning. She had to stop driving and endure an expensive repair because she neglected to clean the air conditioning. Since then, she has had her air conditioning professionally cleaned regularly and has never had any problems again. Direct cleaning of the evaporator is particularly important to ensure effective elimination of bacteria and mold.

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