Defective air conditioning condenser? You have to pay attention to that!

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This article is about recognizing a defective air conditioning condenser, fixing the problem and getting a cost overview. Yes, first some general information. The air conditioning condenser is part of every air conditioning system in a car. What laypeople also refer to as a "condenser" is actually a sophisticated circuit for controlling the vehicle's interior temperature. The air conditioning condenser can be found in the front part of the vehicle. It ensures that the refrigerant condenses and releases the heat extracted in this way to the outside air. So he serves as Heat-exchanger in the air conditioning circuit. A noticeable reduction in cooling capacity or a complete failure can be caused by a damaged condenser. The important thing can be caused by mechanical damage caused in everyday life, for example by stone chips refrigerant escape.

“Diagnosis A/C Condenser”

Air conditioning filling

If the air conditioning no longer provides the usual cooling capacity, all components of the air conditioning circuit should be opened first visual damage being checked. If no defects are immediately apparent, a Contrast media introduced into the cooling circuit of the air conditioning system. This usually glows green under UV radiation and can thus draw attention to leaks, leaks and hairline cracks. If this is unsuccessful, after the system has been evacuated, a special leak detection gas be resorted to. The gas can detect even finer leaks and is applied to the affected areas by a special device recognized.

Capacitor defective – what's next?

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A broken air conditioning condenser affects the pure drive train of the vehicle not from. However, one should bear in mind that a defective condenser with the air conditioning system still activated throws the sophisticated interior cooling system out of balance. The air conditioning compressor can be affected as a consequence. The refrigerant in the vehicle is also mixed with oil to avoid moisture in the refrigeration circuit. However, a defective condenser can mean that the lubrication of the air conditioning compressor is no longer sufficient and can therefore suffer mechanical damage. An exchange of the air conditioning condenser and compressor by a specialist starts from 300 to 500 €. It is therefore advisable to remedy the defect in the capacitor promptly in order to avoid further costs.

new capacitor - a calculation example

If it is clear that the capacitor is defective, this should be replaced by a new part be replaced. The component cannot be repaired. It also makes little sense to use a used capacitor, since these are usually signs of aging that may reappear immediately after installation. Furthermore, existing damage to used parts cannot normally be seen with the naked eye. When choosing a new part, you can fall back on proven manufacturers such as Waeco and Hella. The licensed workshops use the makes approved by the vehicle manufacturer. A new Air conditioning compressors cost between €100,00 and €400,00 to purchase.

the process of a repair

The refrigerant in the cooling system must be replaced as a result of the repair to be renewed. Depending on the type and specification of the refrigerant, a complete filling costs between €60 and €300. The necessary air conditioning service is already taken into account here. The working hours of changing the air conditioning condenser usually amount to two to four hours. However, the amount of work varies greatly. Depending on the manufacturer and vehicle type, the bumper may have to be dismantled. Then follows the Coolant suction (respectively the plant is evacuated) and the expansion of the relevant cooling circuit parts. The condenser can then be replaced and the system filled with new coolant. The last step is to assemble the uninstalled components like this cooler package. Labor costs should be between €200 and €500. You can count on between €300 and €1.500 to replace a defective air conditioning condenser.

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