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What is the air conditioning diesel DK25?

Gasoline petrol types climate diesel DK25

DK25 is the fuel that may lead the ICE into a greener future. The registered brand name "Klimadiesel" promises to release up to 25 percent less CO₂ emissions. According to ADAC statistics, only around two percent of vehicles in Germany are still electrically powered, which means that the overwhelming majority continue to rely on combustion engines. But the filling station network may soon offer these drivers nationwide hope by gradually introducing so-called climate diesel. The introduction of the more environmentally friendly fuel is intended to mark the upswing in internal combustion engines in Germany. The synthetic fuel DK25, which emits up to 25 percent less CO₂ new emissions, is already available in parts of Germany and is to be introduced nationwide.

Air conditioning diesel DK25

Fuel refuel petrol diesel

DK25 consists of around 33 percent biological residues and waste such as used vegetable fat. Technically, all diesel vehicles can use the fuel that can be mixed with conventional diesel, has the same cold properties and the same consumption. The environmental benefits of the fuel make it an environmentally friendly alternative. However, the fuel still costs around six cents more than normal diesel. And a synthetic fuel, the so-called e-fuel, is already being planned for petrol engines, although the exact date is still unknown. And not all gas stations plan to introduce such environmental fuels in the near future.

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Properties of DK25 air conditioning diesel:

  • Up to 25 percent fewer new CO₂ emissions
  • synthetic fuel
  • Consisting of around 33 percent biological residues and waste
  • Producible from used vegetable fat
  • Technically suitable for all diesel vehicles
  • Mixable with conventional diesel
  • Same cold properties as conventional diesel
  • Identical consumption compared to regular diesel
  • Eco-friendly alternative to driving
  • Costs (still) around six cents more than normal diesel

Which gas stations offer DK25 air conditioning diesel?

  • aral: The largest gas station chain in Germany offers DK25 climate diesel at more than 1.000 locations. Aral has set itself the goal of reducing the CO₂ emissions of its fuels by 2030% by 30.
  • Shell: The second largest petrol station chain in Germany offers DK25 climate diesel at around 500 locations. Shell has partnered with Neste, a leading producer of renewable fuels, to produce DK25 climate diesel.
  • Total Energies: The third largest gas station chain in Germany offers DK25 climate diesel at around 300 locations. TotalEnergies has committed to reducing the carbon intensity of its products by 2030% by 15.

Some branches already offering DK25!

  • In Berlin there is a DK25 petrol station at Schönefeld Airport, which is operated by the company Sunfire. Sunfire is one of the manufacturers of DK25 air conditioning diesel and is based in Dresden.
  • In Hamburg there is a DK25 petrol station on Hamburger Strasse, which is operated by the Neste company. Neste is a Finnish oil company that also produces and sells DK25 climate diesel.
  • In Munich there is a DK25 petrol station on Landsberger Straße, which is operated by the Audi company. Audi is one of the car manufacturers supporting and testing DK25 air conditioning diesel.
  • In Cologne there is a DK25 petrol station on Aachener Straße, which is operated by Shell. Shell is an international oil company that is also involved in the development and marketing of DK25 climate diesel.

eFuels synthetic fuel 2

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