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This is how the musty smell of an air conditioning system can be eliminated!

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Cleaning the air conditioning Service stinks circulating air 1 e1618225914526 This is how the musty smell of an air conditioning system can be eliminated!

An unpleasant smell can be prevented in the air conditioner if it is used regularly disinfected and cleaned will. Here's how it works. As soon as the air conditioning is switched on, does the car have an unpleasant smell or smell? Then it is necessary that the air conditioner disinfected will. If mold has spread in the air conditioning system, it can lead to a damp, musty smell. In some cases, this causes symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose, or watery eyes.

Clean the air conditioning system with a disinfectant spray

It is possible to have air conditioning disinfect yourself. A special spray from the can is used for this. With the help of the spray, the stench is dispelled within a few minutes. Many disinfectant sprays are available for around 10 euros. Before you can start spraying, however, some preparations must be made. Both front seats should be folded back and the front passenger seat pushed all the way forward. Now a towel is placed on the floor behind the passenger seat. You can turn off the disinfectant spray here. You keep the correct distance to the interior.

Air conditioning disinfectant spray Car disinfectant 1 This is how the musty smell of an air conditioning system can be eliminated!

Turn on the engine of your vehicle. After that, set your air conditioner on circulating air and check that the fan is running at full speed. Is the airflow going up? During the test, make sure that all ventilation nozzles are completely open. You can now use the disinfectant spray. After pressing the spray button, all doors of the vehicle should be closed. While you spray the disinfectant, it should be nobody is in the vehicle, To about 15 minutes the contents of the can are usually completely sprayed and migrated through the entire system due to the air circulation function.

As soon as the spraying process is complete, the vehicle's engine can be switched off again. Remove The spray can and the towel from the footwell. Afterwards, any residues of the disinfectant should be wiped off. The vehicle should then be well ventilated. If you've properly disinfected your air conditioner, the stench should be gone.

Cleaning with disinfectant foam

Cleaning foam air conditioning disinfection This is how the musty smell of an air conditioning system can be eliminated!

Much more efficient than a disinfectant spray is a Disinfectant foam. However, it is a bit more complicated to use. And the price of the spray and foam also differ. Depending on the manufacturer, the cost of cleaning foam is around 10 to 15 Euro calculate. The foam should be direct in the evaporator in the Engine compartment to be sprayed. The can is equipped with a hose for this purpose. After application, the foam has to take effect for about half an hour.

Then start the engine of your vehicle and let the air conditioning run on the highest level. Don't forget all the air vents open must be. The engine and air conditioning should run for a while so that the foam is optimally distributed. Tip: Check which foam it is. There is also foam for the air nozzles in the vehicle to clean the air conditioning. As a rule, however, this is not identical to the one for the evaporator.

Change the cabin filter annually

Cabin filter allergen filter pollen filter e1581484340542 This is how the musty smell of an air conditioning system can be eliminated!

It's not just your air conditioner that should be disinfected on a regular basis. The cabin filter should also be changed if necessary. At least once a year an exchange is necessary and it should ideally be done in spring. The change is often a bit difficult depending on the vehicle model. The cabin filter can also be replaced in a workshop if you are unsure. Depending on the vehicle model, costs of around 50 euros must be expected here. If you want to try it yourself, our instructions in the article "Change the pollen filter yourself: this is how the climate in the car is right again!".

Why does the air conditioner smell?

It is often due to fungi, microorganisms or bacteria that an air conditioning system smells unpleasant. They often settle on the vaporizer. The component removes heat from the air and condensation forms. Usually it should be the causer of the odor rinsed off will. However, this does not always work if, for example, the water stops. If an air conditioner is not turned on regularly, fungus can form. We therefore recommend using the air conditioning in general not to disable, or at least should not for a longer period of time. Heat and moisture provide the perfect breeding ground for microorganisms. It should take a few minutes to prevent this from happening before the end of the journey turn off the air conditioning. This allows the evaporator to dry out the remaining moisture. To protect the air conditioning from fungus formation, it should run regularly.

What happens if the air conditioning system is not disinfected?

People and vehicles can suffer health problems from a polluted air conditioning system. And a kind of slime layer develops in the system due to the dead germs. If you do not disinfect the air conditioner regularly, the mucous layer can cause the Condensation drain clog. Thus, the moisture gets into the interior of the vehicle. It can lead to rust formation or technical problems. If the slime hardens, the vaporizer even has to be replaced. This sometimes results in high costs!

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