More air, more power - Air intake systems for more driving pleasure

Between the air cleaner housing and the intake manifold of the engine is the throttle body, which controls how much air flows into a fuel injection engine. Within the throttle body, the throttle determines the rate of air flow by opening so that more air can be allowed to pass as soon as the accelerator pedal is stepped on. As this air flows through a round, tubular section of the housing, information from various sensors is collected and relayed to the control computer of the engine. From these data, an ideal fuel mixture for the inflowing air quantity is then calculated. Compared to an OE-equivalent throttle body, a performance-oriented throttle can give the engine more power, which is exactly what sporty drivers love.

more air = more power

In principle, an engine is nothing more than a large air pump. The more air we can pump through it, the more power it produces. Performance-enhancing throttle bodies are built with airflow tubes that have a larger diameter than stock OEM tubes. Of course this increases airflow. Throttle bodies receive an airflow rate based on the amount of cubic feet of air that can flow through in one minute; called “CFM” for short.

When more air is pumped into the engine, more fuel can be burned, producing more power. Since the sensors already mentioned measure the air flow rate, the electronic engine control can also adjust the amount of fuel, i.e. increase it, when the air volume increases. This allows a denser mixture to reach the pre-combustion chamber while maintaining the maximum air-fuel ratio of 14 parts air to one part fuel. This mixing ratio ensures the most complete combustion and the higher density for optimized performance; so for more horsepower under the hood.

the air-fuel ratio must be correct

It is important to note that if the air-fuel ratio should deviate in either direction, a loss of power occurs, which is why Cold air intake system must be precisely matched to the engine. To make it clearer, pumping more fuel into an engine without increasing the amount of air would not produce more power. Instead, unburned fuel would run into the exhaust system. Conversely, if the amount of air is increased without pumping more fuel, the engine would run in a too “lean” state. In most cases, it would be fatal to install the largest throttle valve available. Because if the engine control or the fuel pump cannot deliver the right amount of fuel, the car slows down and accelerates only slowly.

This is how cleaning works!

Most car manufacturers measure airflow at maximum speeds and then select a throttle body diameter to ensure that 50% throttle produces exactly 50% airflow. This results in a more leisurely engine response and power development. However, the engines are easier to control, which means that cavalier starts are avoided. Because the throttle in an air intake system is designed so that the throttle opens proportionally wider at low speeds, more power is produced with less delay. This steeper engine response speed, combined with additional torque, gives you an engine with a sharper bite, which is particularly noticeable at low speeds.

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