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So that everything runs smoothly: How to find the right air pressure!

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So that everything runs smoothly: How to find the right air pressure!

As we hoffentlich everyone knows that driving with too little air pressure in the tires is not particularly efficient. There is one simple reason for this: if the air pressure is too low, for example the gas mileage and also the wear the tire increases dramatically. In addition to the financial aspect, insufficient air pressure can also be serious dangerous become: The driving behavior of the car becomes significantly more unstable and there is also the risk that the tire sooner or later simply bursts. Especially when you realize that the entire weight of the vehicle is “supported” by the four individual tires and their relatively small contact area, the importance of tire pressure becomes really clear. After all, the primary carrier of weight is not the rubber, but the air inside.

More air = better load capacity!

So that everything runs smoothly: How to find the right air pressure!

This load capacity is improved when there is more air in the tire. If the air pressure is lower than it should be, this leads to the sidewalls of the tire being damaged or even destroyed, which can ultimately represent a considerable risk in terms of safety. By the way, 0,5 bar is sufficient here, which results in a 0,3 liter increase in fuel consumption per 100 kilometers. Many only check the air pressure of the tires when Wheels and tires change in summer and winterWhat is not recommended. Rather, it's best to check the air pressure every two weeks - yours Safety and yours too Wallets for the sake of. Incidentally, this also applies if your vehicle has a so-called Tire pressure monitoring system disposes. Tip: It is important to pay attention to this when a tire change is due for a tire with TPMS.

How do I find out the required air pressure for the tires?

So that everything runs smoothly: How to find the right air pressure!

Usually the value of the air pressure is direct at the vehicle noted. This can be done, for example, with a sticker that is on the inside of the B-pillar is located. Another possibility is the inside of the Fuel cap, but also a sticker in the Glove compartment or in the Manual Please also note that other factors, such as the vehicle load, also influence the value of the air pressure required.

Where can I best check the air pressure?

Checking the air pressure at the gas station represents the simplest and mostly the best Method is to check the correct air pressure in the tires, as this is usually the case free is. Otherwise you can also click on one Tire pressure tester / tire inflator or put a pump, which you can buy at a hardware store, for example. Here it is important that you get the tires when cold (Cold state) check, or reduce the measured value by 0,2 bar when it is warm. This is due to the expansion of the warm air, which ultimately results in a falsified measured value. Also, always check that too spareso that it is really ready for use in an emergency and does not pose a security risk.

PSI or bar? The units can be converted here!

Also, make sure you don't use one to drive too high air pressure. Values ​​that exceed the recommendation by a maximum of 0,2 to 0,3 bar are harmless. Anything above this, however, can also result in an increased risk, as the contact area of ​​the tire is correspondingly reduced. In addition, the tire wear is higher and the driving experience deteriorates. Much tire damage is the result of incorrect air pressure.

summarized everything about the air pressure in the tire:

  • Tire pressure must regularly to be controlled
  • Tire damage can be caused by incorrect air pressure
  • Wrong air pressure affects security
    - Too little air pressure = longer braking distance
    - Too little air pressure = poor handling with aquaplaning
    - Too little air pressure = tires heat up and deform more
    - too little air pressure = higher fuel consumption (low air pressure increases the rolling resistance)
    - Air pressure too high = less grip
    - Air pressure too high = tire wears out faster (profile wears off)
    - Air pressure too high = only makes sense if the vehicle load is increased significantly (vacation trip, etc.)
  • Air pressure is specified by the vehicle manufacturer
  • Specification is in the Documents to the vehicle or a Tire pressure table to find (alternatively stickers in the area of ​​the car door, fuel filler cap, etc.)
  • Example: 2,5 bar is not the absolute pressure, but the overpressure in relation to the ambient pressure (however, the information is irrelevant for the driver)
  • Check pressure when the tire is cold (after a maximum of 10 km in urban areas)
  • Use tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), if available
  • From November 2014, newly registered cars will always have TPMS
  • Air pressure is checked on the tire valves
  • Tire gas supposedly saves the control of air pressure because it cannot escape
    - we consider this to be not corrector
    - therefore, all scenarios apply to us, such as when filling with air
    - Tire gas is nitrogen

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So that everything runs smoothly: How to find the right air pressure!

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So that everything runs smoothly: How to find the right air pressure!

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So that everything runs smoothly: How to find the right air pressure!

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So that everything runs smoothly: How to find the right air pressure!

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