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Also for retrofitting - the alarm system for the vehicle

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Alarm system Immobilizer Theft protection tuning e1570532089609 Also for retrofitting the alarm system for the vehicle

An alarm system for the car is a form of theft protection. Sensors on the doors, the bonnet, the tailgate, in the vehicle interior and at the ignition should detect an unauthorized attempt to break up or start the car. If one or all of the sensors respond, this will trigger an alarm. Mostly this is a loud beep. But it can also be activated in addition or instead the lighting system to give an optical signal. In this way, people in the area are made aware of the thief and he is usually beaten to flight. Also the triggering of an immobilizer, which can prevent the theft even if no one is in the vicinity, or the sending of a message to your mobile phone is possible. The activation of the alarm system is usually automatic when shutting off. It is usually deactivated via a button on the key fob (Lock 2x press eg.) of the car key or by entering a security code.

Changes - existing alarm system?

Alarm system Immobilizer Theft protection tuning 2 e1570532175336 Also for retrofitting the alarm system for the vehicle

Basically, you should be very careful with changes to the alarm system. If you live in an area where cars are often stolen, it can make sense to extend the protection, but you always have to make changes to the sensors to make your alarm system hypersensitive. This leads to frequent false alarms, for example, when a passerby accidentally strikes at your car, or an animal, such as a cat or a squirrel, jumps on your car. Even strong gusts of wind or vibrations caused by construction work can trigger the alarm. False alarms are not only annoying due to the frequent noise and the fact that you have to go to your car every time and turn off the alarm.

Alarm system Immobilizer Theft protection tuning 3 e1570532215866 Also for retrofitting the alarm system for the vehicle

They also dull other people's reaction to the alarm, which can lead to it being ignored in an emergency. Changes to the signal tone that allow you to differentiate your car's alarm from that of other vehicles are not possible for legal reasons. In Germany, an intermittent signal of around 2 Hz with a duration of 25-30 seconds is required for this. The light alarm is also standardized. It can be done either by flashing the hazard warning lights for five minutes or also for 25 - 30 seconds via the dipped beam.

Does it make sense to retrofit an alarm system?

Alarm system Immobilizer Theft protection tuning 4 e1570532287463 Also for retrofitting the alarm system for the vehicle

Retrofitting an alarm system makes sense and is done frequently. Numerous different devices with different functions are available in stores for this purpose. So compare what the products can do before buying and consider which functions are useful for you. Above all, it is important that false alarms are kept as rarely as possible and that the alarm system closes silently. The so-called Chirp function namely is not allowed. Systems with a GPS tracker that can be used to find your car if it should be stolen are particularly advisable. It is best to have the installation of the alarm system carried out by a specialist in the workshop so that the alarm is really triggered. 

In summary: everything you need to know about the alarm system

Car alarm systems: what to look out for?

  • As a rule, a high level of protection is required complex systemthat on the car tailored is
  • on alarm system with immobilizer respect, think highly of (particularly interesting for older vehicles that do not have an immobilizer ex works)
  • built-in Backup battery or Voltage monitor should be there
  • GPS signal (Alarm system with GPS system) should be included
  • Indoor surveillance by means of infrared waves or ultrasound and if possible with air pressure sensors should be included
  • Control via a Remote Control or App should be there

How does the retrofit alarm system work?

  • An alarm system works with Sirens for the warning tone and often by means of Remote control / app to activate or deactivate. Shock sensors send signal to the control unit that activates the siren. Expensive systems come along Indoor surveillance with infrared waves or ultrasound or air pressure sensors.

Can you install the alarm system yourself?

  • There are alarm systems which can be installed by yourself. Usually they are not a problem for thieves. Alarm systems that intervene in the engine management system and the immobilizer should be used do not install yourself. How complex the installation is depends on the Operation from. Simple systems can be installed in the vehicle within an hour. More complex systems can take up an entire working day.

Are there alarm systems without installation?

  • There are a variety of alarm systems that do without complex installation get into the car. Mostly they are systems for the cigarette lighter that work with a vibration or air pressure sensor and automatic alarm give if you not previously deactivated via remote control or app were. Such systems do, however hardly any resistance and can quickly disabled become. Is not a Accumulator here, the variant is completely meaningless. This also applies to System for the ODB connection. A manual theft protection in the form of a steering wheel claw or Pedal lock helps better than a simple alarm system without a fixed installation.

What does an alarm system cost?

  • The price varies and is from Vehicle and from System dependent. Cheap investments start at 25 Euros and complex alarm systems sometimes cost significantly over 1.500 euros. The same applies to the installation. Here the prices can vary depending on the car and alarm system 100 up to a few thousand euros vary. Some providers require a annual fee. For example for that GPS tracking or the alarms for the App or remote control. The fees are between 20 and 150 Euro in the year.

Is a retrofit alarm system worthwhile?

  • A retrofit alarm system is no guaranteethat the car is not stolen. Retrofitting an alarm system is usually worthwhile. And that also applies to camper. Alarms via app or remote control and GPS tracking devices are more effective than no alarm system. In addition, some give car insurance Discountsif the car is equipped with an alarm system. PS: When the car was stolen. It is important to note that!

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