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Alcantara as interior equipment? You have to know that!

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In the area of ​​interior equipment belongs Alcantara one of the most important and at the same time most popular materials. Especially with regard to Tuning will next Leather and Carbon especially often Alcantara für die Refining used. But what about the material? What do you have to pay attention to, what should you absolutely know? Alcantara is a material for interior fittings, for example for vehicles, which is very popular. But what means the term and what about the care the type of equipment? We have dealt with the subject.

Where is Alcantara used in tuning?

THE WHITE WING PROJECT Lamborghini Aventador Envy Factor Tuning 23 Alcantara as interior equipment? You have to know that!

Usually Alcantara is used to complete Seats or parts from Seats (Seat center panel, center panel of the backrest, etc.) to be covered in combination with smooth leather. Apart from these common methods, there are also countless ones individual possibilities. For example, the complete dashboard or only parts of it can be covered with Alcantara. Or just that shift knob, Also the cuff from shift knob or the hand brake can be made of Alcantara. It is also popular headliner to be obtained from the vehicle with Alcantara. With regard to the aforementioned dashboard, one should only click dark Alcantara implement Reflections in the windshield. The possibilities when and where Alcantara is used in the interior are extremely diverse and especially with regard to the Design, which application with Decorative stitching and Co. as well as the Colors almost limitless

How do you best maintain Alcantara?

Since Alcantara is a artificial leather it is quite easy to maintain. A quick cleaning to remove superficial dirt or dust can be done with a dry clothto brush or a Handstaubsauger be performed. For a more thorough cleaning one is usually enough damp cotton cloth. Use however no colored cotton cloths, this one rub off could. If there is a stain, you should first use a absorbent sponge or one piece Paper free from the liquid. At viscous Substances you'd better grab one spatula or a Spoons. But carefully! Once the area is wiped off, try using the stain with one cleaning supplies remove moistened cloth. Always start with this at the edge of the stain and keep working your way inward. Here's a little tip: Depending on the type of stain, you can too Ethyl alcohol, water or lemon juice use for cleaning.

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Alcantara cleaning in detail

  1. Basic rules: Before you begin any actual cleaning, you should first remove any dust with the help of a Handheld vacuum cleaner remove. The soft and slightly roughened surface of the microfiber acts like a Staubmagnet. But always make sure that the handheld vacuum cleaner never at full speed runs, that would damage the surface. Instead of a handheld vacuum cleaner, you can also use a Clothes brush or a damp one Microfasertuch use. To clean it, move the clothes brush over the affected area in gentle, straight lines.
  2. The deep cleansing: Basically, Alcantara should have one every 1-2 years deep cleansing be performed. If your seats have removable covers, the deep cleansing the washing machine be used. So just wash the covers at 30 ° C on a gentle cycle. However, it should be spun or dried waived because these processes are the substance considerable damage can inflict.
  3. Fixed seat cushions: When seat cushions are sewn on, the situation is somewhat more difficult. To deep cleansing you need a special one Alcantara cleaning agentwhich exactly on the fabric Voted is and therefore him no harm can inflict. To apply the cleaning agent, you can use a sponge or a Microfasertuch which you use in circular Movements according to instructions from the manufacturer over the area. Finally, the excess cleaning agent can be removed with the help of a slightly dampened cloth remote .

Attention: Use for deep cleansing No way ones have a steam cleaners, this is closed heiß and damaged the fabric. Also should be on sharp Detergents like bleach, Scouring milk or Upholstery foam waived . It is important to note this when cleaning the vehicle with the steam cleaner:Click

What can you do if small "pods" form on the fabric?

It is known that the Surface Alcantara fabrics are often small Nodules. These are also called "Pilling“And are a result of the nature of the substance. By frictionwhich at Get up or Sit down arise, dissolve  ongoing small Fabric parts starting which will change over time knot can. The nodules are a thorn in the side of many motorists. But this can be done very easily with the help of a gentle Sanding pads removed. Move that Pad matched to the fabric simply in gentle, circular movements about the affected areas, thereby to solve the nodules, which in the connection simply removed by hand can be. Finally, the synthetic leather should gereinigt and impregnated to slow down pilling again.

Alcantara cleaning instructions koentchen pilling Alcantara as interior equipment? You have to know that!

Alcantara: what does the term stand for?

In technical jargon, the interior of a vehicle is made with high quality Suede synthetic leather and Alcantara designated. The synthetic leather has a very velvety surface and consists of a so-called Microfiber non-woven fabric on the basis of Polyester and Polyurethane. Due to its texture and appearance, Alcantara is sometimes confusingly called "Suede" or just "Leather“Although it is actually made with real leather has nothing to do. Keywords on the topic: suede synthetic leather, alcantara, microfiber non-woven fabric, microfiber fabric, suede synthetic leather

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