Alcohol-controlled immobilizers for maximum security

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Alcolock Interlock Alcohol Meter Tuning e1593601891470 Alcohol-controlled immobilizers for maximum security

Basically, alcohol is considered an above-average risk in road traffic. Drivers who drive a car while drunk are principally endangering their own lives and those of other road users. Statistics from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure show that in the calendar year 2018, approx.4,5% of all traffic accidents with personal injuries recorded nationwide should be classified as alcohol-related accidents. According to this, a total of 2018 people died in the course of 244 as a result of accidents for which alcohol is objectively the cause. Many fatalities are attributable to alcohol-related accidents and thus the current penalties regarding Drunk driving understandable. If you drive a motorized vehicle you are unsuitable for driving motor vehicles according to §3 StVG.

no driving under alcohol

Alcolock Interlock Alcohol Meter Tuning 4 e1593601982393 Breath alcohol controlled immobilizers for maximum security

Alcohol- Immobilizers directly address the adjusting screws of this problem and serve for effective primary and secondary prevention of such incidents. A breath-alcohol-controlled immobilizer uses a powerful electrochemical sensor to precisely measure the alcohol content in the exhaled air of the driver immediately before the car is started. If the exhaled air contains alcohol in practice, an innovative alcohol interlock system activates the vehicle's own immobilizer and specifically prevents an intoxicated driver from moving the vehicle in question. The principle of such systems is based on the principle of prevention. The intention of the complex Alcolock systems is therefore not to provide effective anti-theft protection, but to constantly minimize the risk that drunk drivers in road traffic generally assume. Smooth functionality guarantees consistently reliable handling and can be proven to withstand potential manipulation attempts. High-quality devices have a specific design that ideally analyzes the breath alcohol and reliably registers any tampering. In principle, breath samples reach the electrochemical sensor via the integrated sampling bellows. If the sample in question does not contain breath alcohol, the vehicle electronics transmit a signal that accompanies the release of the installed starter.

USA as pioneers in the Alcolock devices segment

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The USA are leading the way in the introduction of corresponding vehicles equipped with Alcolock. Such systems have been used increasingly in vehicles since the 1980 calendar year. In addition to Australia, Sweden, Finland and France are currently successfully using such interlock devices on a relatively broad level. Aloclock fulfills a primary function if it is embedded in vehicles for freight and passenger transport and is not linked to any specific suspicion of the respective driver. In this context, the system promotes a collective sense of security. Alternatively, appropriate devices are used in Belgium, Sweden, Poland, the USA and the Netherlands in vehicles of road users who have become noticeable in road traffic due to alcohol. This is where the principle of secondary prevention, which aims to prevent drunk driving, comes into play. The current understanding of German law currently does not provide a legally valid basis that justifies the installation of alcohol interlock systems. Accordingly, such a measure conflicts with the property law applicable in Germany and the principles of freedom of action and the principle of objective proportionality.


according to the facts
Judge an alcohol immobilizer


according to the facts
Judge an alcohol immobilizer

Technology is used in public transportation and government vehicles


Installation of an alcolock is mandatory if you are drunk at the wheel
got caught


Installation of an alcolock is mandatory if you are drunk at the wheel
got caught

Driving license is withdrawn for so long

The facility must be used for at least 2 years


Disposable breathalyzer is mandatory

The breathalyzer is not checked

Influence of alcohol and an accident could cause problems if no tester is available


Alcohol immobilizers compulsory in the school building

by order also mandatory for conspicuous drivers for one year (maximum 3 years)

Majority endorses Alcolock systems

Statistical studies show, however, that a large part of the German population persistently speaks out in favor of alcohol immobilizers in cars. The measures that are currently in use in the USA, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Poland and the Netherlands have therefore met with broad approval from German car owners. In the course of a survey by the “Autoscout 24” portal, 60% of those questioned said they were in favor of such systems. In contrast, 40% of those questioned justified their skepticism towards the devices with the alleged susceptibility of the individual models to faults and defects. At the same time, they expressed concerns about the security of the alcohol immobilizers and criticized the subjectively insufficient data protection of the devices used.

Interface for alcohol immobilizers

In line with legal requirements, all new cars manufactured in the course of the calendar year from 2022 have a specific interface that can be connected to an alcohol immobilizer if necessary. Thanks to this innovative device, new vehicles can be easily modified from 2022, so that an Alcolock device can be retrofitted at a later, indefinite point in time flexibly and without any significant effort for the respective vehicle owner. The Swedish carmaker Volvo is already producing models that can be equipped with such a system as standard. Such a device currently costs around 1500 to 2000 euros plus installation.

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