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An overview of alternative drives

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The world is changing. In times of climate change and global warming, every individual has to rethink their ecological footprint. Not least because of increasingly freak weather conditions, but due to important initiatives like Fridays for Future A rethink is slowly starting. This has meanwhile also reached the automotive industry. Tesla and Co. are showing the way - the new tech giants are putting the established industry giants such as Volkswagen, Daimler and the like under pressure. We present the technologies of the future in more detail.

The burner is at the fore

After various initiatives in the past few years have increasingly brought the dangers of global climate change to the fore, politics has now also become active. The burner is up to the collar. According to the EU Commission from 2035 only emission-free new vehicles be approved in Europe. In order to achieve this goal as quickly as possible, stricter emission standards for CO² emissions for cars are being introduced step by step. Starting in 2030, annual emissions are to be reduced by 55 percent and a further five years later by 100 percent. If you look at the current figures, this is also urgently needed. In 2020, a good three quarters of all new registrations were pure combustion engines.

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This is how the turnaround should be accomplished

In the course of the drive and traffic turnaround, research has been carried out on alternative drives for years. To this end, work must also be carried out on the Europe-wide infrastructure for charging and supply capacities. The range of electric and hydrogen fuel cells must be expanded, especially along the most important transport routes. Among other things, a charging station for electric vehicles is to be created every 60 km and a facility for filling up with hydrogen every 150 km.

Electric as a drive of the future?

If you look at the current alternatives to the classic combustion engine, electric drives are becoming more and more popular. One of the reasons for this is that this type of drive is currently heavily subsidized by the state. The range is still the big drawback compared to a gasoline or diesel engine, but it is this can also be increased with a few tricks. In terms of climate impact, e-cars are emission-free, but they are far from being climate-neutral. On the one hand, this is due to the release of greenhouse gases during battery production and the generation of electricity, a large part of which still comes from fossil fuels. Nevertheless, e-mobility is considered the principle of the future. Tesla has shown the way and now Volkswagen, BMW and Co. are following suit with major electric offensives. As with many other alternative drive sources, it is currently the infrastructure that is still lacking. However, should the network for charging stations will be expanded across Europe.

Plug-in hybrids as a transition technology?

Hybrid 544 PS Bentley Flying Spur V6 8 alternative drives at a glance

Another popular alternative to conventional combustion engines are the so-called hybrid models. Different drive sources are combined here. The technology originally comes from Formula 1, where it was developed by Mercedes engineers. For several years now, the Mercedes-AMG team has been one of the most innovative racing teams in Formula 1. No wonder they do at Betway Sports Betting with odds of 4,33 (Status: July 21st) good chances of the design engineer title are given again. Hybrid technology has now also established itself in road traffic. As a rule, a combination of a combustion engine and an electric drive is used here. While short distances of up to 07 km can be driven emission-free electrically, the internal combustion engine is also used. Almost every major car manufacturer now has a hybrid model on offer - this even applies to the luxury brand Bentley.

Hydrogen vehicles as an alternative

So-called fuel cell vehicles run on hydrogen-powered electric motors. This means that they offer certain advantages over pure electric drives. The electricity required is not stored in a battery, but rather produced directly by a fireplace insert. In contrast to e-cars, hydrogen vehicles are not charged, but are refueled directly. However, this is one of the current problems. the The infrastructure for hydrogen is still very small across Europe.

Natural gas on the decline

In principle, natural gas or LPG also belongs to the fossil fuels. However, gas vehicles have a significantly better carbon footprint than gasoline or diesel engines, for example. The pollutant emissions are around 20 percent lower than that of a gasoline vehicle. In the long term, this technology is also to be replaced by electric drives. However, many experts see the so-called CNG variant as a bridging technology for the drive change.

One thing is certain - the automotive world is changing. This not only applies to series technology, but also to motorsport. With Formula E, motorsport is breaking new ground and Formula 1 also wants to adapt. The premier class of motorsport should be completely climate-neutral in a few years. In this way, mobility can also be secured in the future.

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Honda Civic GX CNG

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