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The electric power plant in the car - modifying the alternator

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Alternator tuning dynamo e1577687551188 The E power plant in the car modify the alternator

It ensures a charged battery in the car alternator, If an alternator is defective, it can cause difficulties when starting the engine. The result, it is either impossible or difficult to start the engine at all. However, an empty car battery and the lighting of the battery warning light can also indicate a defect in the alternator. Whether the cables and plugs on the connection, the charge controller, the alternator itself or the V-belt, there can be many reasons here when it comes to finding a possible defect in the alternator. But not only a defective alternator can be a reason to deal with the topic. Even if you want to modify an alternator to achieve better performance, the topic is relevant.

Modify / remove - alternator

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For example, do you need more energy due to various additional functions (electric running boards, additional lightsUnterbodenbeleuchtung etc.), the alternator can be modified accordingly or by a (2 alternators are also possible) stronger replacements. When modifying, you can not start directly on the alternator, but rather on the regulator. By replacing the regulator, you can get more energy from the alternator if it is designed for it. The controller regulates the voltage at the alternator output and can increase it, for example. This often improves the battery charging process. Alternatively, you can also install a larger / stronger alternator. If you want to replace the alternator, you first have to disconnect the battery in the car. Depending on the car model, it can be arranged differently and it is almost always complicated and hidden. Removal of panels from the radiator grill, the front apron to the engine may be required to be able to replace the alternator. If the generator is exposed and found, the plug must be removed from the alternator. Depending on the alternator, individual plugs can also be screwed tight. Here it may be necessary to loosen the plug with a wrench or a special tool.

Battery needs to recharge

Alternator tuning Dynamo 3 The E power plant in the car modify the alternator

To be able to remove the alternator, you also have to loosen the V-belt. Since this is tense, it would otherwise not be possible to remove the alternator. The V-belt on the alternator can be released using the pulley. Only now can the alternator be completely removed. Then you can use the new one. It is important that the receptacles and connections are the same. Otherwise, depending on the model, there may be difficulties with the plugs or with the attachment. In such a case, further conversions may be necessary to attach and use the alternator. If you have installed the new one and made all connections again, it can do its job and the Battery recharge from the vehicle. By the way, before buying, you should determine exactly what voltage is required. The flat-rate installation of a more powerful alternator does not necessarily mean that it can also cover / generate the higher power requirements. And the vehicle's electrical system, various safety devices such as relays or the also have a great influence fuse box and many other aspects that are particularly important in modern vehicles. In case of doubt, an experienced tuner or the manufacturer himself can help here.

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