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Tricks when the alternator whistles in the speakers!

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Car radio DIN installation connection cable ISO 1 Tricks when the alternator whistles in the loudspeakers!

If the alternator whistles in the loudspeakers then good advice is required. There are a few Tips and Trickshow the whistling can be counteracted. The tips are presented in more detail below.

Alternator whistling - the overview

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  1. Note the sensitivity of the output stage
  2. Pay attention to cable positions
  3. 3-way shielded asymmetrical cinch cables
  4. Use a working cinch cable
  5. Make sure that the cinch output works
  6. Only use cinch cables in qualitative variants
  7. Suppress the generator
  8. Check the shift of the ground potential
  9. Correctly fold excess cable lengths
  10. Eliminate errors
  11. Problems with the power amplifier - what to do?
  12. the subwoofer circuits
  13. Circuit options:
  14. Subwoofers with different diameters and housings
  15. Bad radio reception on Skoda, VW or Audi
  16. VW, Audi and Skoda - important buying factor

Tip: Note the sensitivity of the output stage

Within the Setting the radio's volume should be far enough can be turned up, without a whistle the alternator can be heard. The level control of the power amplifier, also known as gain, should initially be on Minimum can be set. You should then test whether the volume is still sufficient or whether the radio should be louder. The desired volume can then be adjusted very slowly using the level control. Regulating the level control is critical to Noise to manage. If the output stage is set too sensitive, the disturbing noises can appear quickly. It should be noted that with different media (CDs, radio, MP3) too different level and Volume settings may be necessary. "back

Power amplifier trunk expansion tuning tricks when the alternator whistles in the speakers!

Tip: Pay attention to the cable positions

Become power cable and Cinch cable on one side misplaced, this can lead to noise. The noise is also called interference known. If frequencies overlap, it can get through Whistling noises to make noticable. It is therefore advisable to use cinch cables not nearby of the power cable. For example, if the alternator power cord is on the nearside then the cinch cable should be connected to the driver's side lie. Depending on the vehicle, the cinch cable can also through the center console be drawn to not nearby of the charging cable. "back

Tip: 3-way shielded asymmetrical cinch cables

Become 3-way shielded, asymmetrical cinch cable used, then the Pfeile must be observed on the cinch cables. These usually give the Laying direction at. The cinch cables should be laid in the appropriate direction specified by the manufacturer so that the shielding engages. The arrows show that Signal direction at. This runs from the radio to the power amplifier. "back

Triple shielded asymmetrical cinch cable Tricks when the alternator whistles in the loudspeakers!

Tip: use a working cinch cable

If disturbances suddenly occur, then a Defekt exist. This can lead to a defect in the cinch cable, for example. To find out whether the cinch cable is defective, an additional cinch cable (if possible) placed or tested will. If the interference with the other cinch cable should not occur, then a defective cinch cable is probably the cause of the problem. The installed cinch cable must of course should not be the cause of the disorder. It can also be that other cablesalong the cinch cable are responsible for the interference. "back

Tip: Make sure that the cinch output is working

Anyone who perceives a loud background noise should first check whether the RCA output has a defect. If the cinch output and thus the Ground potential is defective, then no new cinch cable will help. If the ground is brought through the shielding of the cinch cable, if there is no good ground point, this can lead to a defect on the Car radio circuit board to lead. This in turn ensures that the shielding the cinch cable no longer works.

radio chinch connection car tricks when the alternator whistles in the loudspeakers!

It can be tested whether the error on the radio itself lies. A piece of cable can be used for this. If the cable end is placed on the radio chassis and the other end on the Chinch cable shield held then should no loud noise occur. If you hear a loud noise, the radio may need to be repaired. The previously used piece of cable can also be securely connected to the RCA cable ground get connected. At the moment when it is securely connected to the ground of the chinch line, the loud noise should hardly be audible. If the loud noise can hardly be heard or not at all, then you can also try to connect the piece of cable Radio chassis and Lines (Chinch) to fix. However, if you want to save money in this way, you should note that this may void the radio's warranty. It is therefore advisable to return a defective radio Repair to give. Especially if the device is still under warranty. "back

Tip: Only use cinch cables in qualitative variants

When buying or using cinch cables, you should definitely Quality be respected. If you use cinch cables that are too simple, you can bring a source of error into the vehicle. Simple cinch cables can only have a simple shield, but that Prone to failure is. It is important here not immediately the cheapest cable to buy and use. "back

Tip: suppress the interference on the alternator

Of course, there is also the option of alternator to suppress interference. The interference suppression of the alternator should lead to the elimination of the source of interference and thus to the elimination of the whistling. There are manufacturers who produce corresponding products that are attached to the battery and alternator. But there is also an installation in the engine compartment necessary. However, the component can generate interference noises that affect the vehicle's electrical system, eliminate. "back

helix Cap 33 tricks when the alternator whistles in the loudspeakers!

Tip: Check the shift in the ground potential

Ground potentials are different, especially when various devices are installed. Every device has one Ground connectionwhich has correspondingly different potentials. This can lead to a shift in the ground potentials and to a Ground loop to lead. If different ground potentials occur, then the Ground points to be worked. The user can try the devices the same ground point assign. A cable from the Amplifier ground point to Ground connection of the radio. The cable should have a defined cross-section of 2,5 qmm have. Another option is to use the Ground pole the battery to use, and to connect each ground cable of an audio device directly to this battery ground terminal. The user should decide whether these options are helpful at all or whether simpler methods of interference suppression are possible decide for yourself. So it can be enough, one Noise filter to use. Such a noise filter can be used in the RCA cable instead.

noise filter auto e1612878134247 tricks when the alternator whistles in the speakers!

info: Whoever decides to work on the masses should before all other Disturbance possibilities have examined and tried. It is also advisable to do one first Noise filter to use when all other sources of interference were eliminated. Noise filter can become a Sound reduction . "back

Tip: fold excess cable lengths correctly

If cable has a Oversize then they should should not be rolled up. It is better to put the cables in a so-called Zigzag shape to arrange. Excessive cables can, after they are zigzagged together, with a Cable Ties be fixed. Are cables, however curled up, then they can become a kind Antenna will the Interfering signals records. "back

Tip: rule out errors

Possible errors should have a Elimination process be filtered out. So it should first be clarified whether also with one switched off sound system a whistle occurs. If a whistle occurs despite the sound system being switched off, the error in the RCA cable lie. However, it can also be that the Speaker Cables are responsible for the disruption. If the speaker cables are responsible for the noise, then they should not next to a power cord have been relocated. This is sometimes a mistake that can lead to noise, even when the sound system is switched off. In the case there is a so-called Interference instead.

Crossover installation car radio tuning tricks when the alternator whistles in the loudspeakers!

The interspersion of the disturbance arrives about the cables the speaker straight into the speaker. Care should be taken that the Crossovers the speaker not directly on a power cord lie. This can also lead to malfunctions. The disorders also often arise when many cables are tied together. Cable harnesses do not always offer advantages, but are sometimes the reason for interference. Especially when power cable and Signal cable are close together, this often leads to disturbances. So it doesn't always have to look nice and tidy. It is much more important to lay the cables in the vehicle in such a way that that no interference occurs. "back

Problems with the power amplifier - what to do?

If the power amplifier no longer works, then the main fuse being checked. Often only one fuse has blown. Who at first sight no defect on the fuse wire, the fuse should still remove and investigate. It can happen that the error on the Gold end caps and there are the dots inside solved to have. If that's the case, then can no contact more to be produced. If the power amplifier doesn't work anymore, then a Multimeter be used. It is important. the tension too measure, Also the tension of the company Remote line should be measured. A missing or poor mass can be responsible for the fact that the power amplifier no longer works. For example, the power cord not properly fixed has been. For example, it shouldn't just be fixed with tape. The power cord should professionally attached will. So be happy to Pinch eyelets utilized. Pinch eyes should be installed professionally accordingly. "back

remote line power amplifier e1612878294790 tricks when the alternator whistles in the loudspeakers!

the subwoofer circuits

Let's take a subwoofer as an example two voice coils (1 + 1 Ohm, 2 + 2 Ohm, 4 + 4 Ohm etc.). These must either Parallel or serial (in series) are connected. This is the only way to achieve the desired impedance at the terminal. If you use the parallel connection, then halved the impedance (e.g. from 4 to 2 ohms). If you use the Serial connection (in series), then doubled the impedance (e.g. from 2 to 4 ohms) "back

Circuit options:

  • parallel to 0,5 Ohm or serial to 2 Ohm (1 + 1 Ohm double voice coil)
  • parallel to 1 ohm or serial to 4 ohm (2 + 2 ohm double voice coil)
  • parallel to 2 ohms or serial to 8 ohms (8 ohms impedance is uncommon in the car hi-fi sector) - (4 + 4 ohms double voice coil)

To connect the voice coils together, a speaker cable is used that is as thick as possible as the cable that goes from the subwoofer to the amplifier. You also have to ensure that the associated amplifier can be used stably at the planned ohm number according to the manufacturer's information. "back

This is what subwoofers with different diameters and housings sound like?

  • 20 cm subwoofer: fast, precise, little pressure.
  • 25 cm subwoofer: less precise, more sound pressure
  • 30 cm subwoofer: not very precise, usable as an all-rounder, strong sound pressure
  • 38 cm subwoofer: not precise, for music with deep bass and high sound pressure
  1. Closed housing: high precision but hungry for power
  2. Bass reflex housing: good bass reproduction, high bass level at low frequencies
  3. Bandpass housing: high sound level feasible, poor sound, construction is very large "back

Bad radio reception on Skoda, VW or Audi?

Who one VW, a Skoda , or Audi drives, he may have had bad radio reception before. Anyone who has noticed poor radio reception should contact the Power supply the vehicle antenna. In Skoda, VW and Audi vehicles, this power supply to the vehicle antenna is very special. It can be problematic when installing a new radio. That can lead to the electronics of the antenna gets no electricity. If the antenna electronics are no longer supplied with power, optimal functionality is not guaranteed. It is advisable to use a Phantom adapter to use the one ISO-ISO pre-wiring has.

VW Golf 8 GTE MK8 Ultralight Project 3.0 Rims Tuning 12 tricks when the alternator whistles in the speakers!

This phantom adapter with ISO-ISO pre-cabling can between radio and Vehicle antenna cables to be installed. The adapter also ensures that the vehicle connector cables are appropriately assigned. Owns a new radio should not absolutely the same cable assignment as the previous model. With an adapter, the user can ensure that the connections fit and that it is because of unsuitable connections should not disruptions occur. If cables are connected incorrectly, this can lead to a broken radio to lead. A defective radio is not wanted and should be before installation of a new radio compatibility and suitable adapters are respected. "back

This is an important buying factor at VW, Audi and Skoda.

The Radio plug the vehicle can be connected to the new radio at first glance, but through the different occupancy it can lead to problems and in the worst case to a defect. The appropriate cable assignment should be specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Furthermore, the radio manufacturer should also know whether the devices for VW, Audi and Skoda models are suitable. It is advisable to contact the vehicle manufacturer directly for a new radio. In the best case, he can make model suggestions. "back

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