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Emergency vehicle and ambulance - that's how they are made!

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Emergency doctor vehicle retrofit conversion NEF emergency vehicle and ambulance how they are made!

If you want to convert a car into an ambulance or an ambulance (RTW) or an emergency vehicle (NEF), this is possible. Compared to an ambulance, the removal of an emergency vehicle is much easier. An emergency vehicle can be a small van, but it can also be a normal car. If the vehicle has the basic color white or yellow, you can also save the entire painting process. Then you can simply stick the base color accordingly with adhesive film.

Special signal system and radio

Special signal systems Martinshorn blue light e1576214416785 Emergency vehicle and ambulance how they are made!

The biggest effort when converting an emergency vehicle is Special signaling system, These can either be fixed to the roof or removed, which would be possible using a model with a magnet, for example. If you install the special signal system permanently, you have to make sure that it is tight again afterwards due to the necessary openings in the roof. With appropriate seals and sealing screws, this is not a major problem. And the special signal system needs electricity for operation. Here you have to remove the cladding and lay the corresponding cables and connect them to the switchgear for operation, but also to the vehicle electrical system. An emergency vehicle also needs one radio set.

Since the use of a real radio device for rescue services is only reserved for these organizations, a maximum of one CB radio device can be installed here if you are planning to build an emergency doctor vehicle for exhibitions or private use on your own premises. It can be installed in the glove compartment, if one can do without its function. You also need a shelf in the form of a Trunk expansion, this can usually be found in the trunk of an emergency vehicle and therefore the base vehicle should not be a limousine if possible. The expansion offers space for emergency medical equipment. Here you can either expand with wood or you can buy appropriately adapted systems through free trade.

Extensive - the expansion to an ambulance

RTW ambulance ambulance car e1576831044839 emergency vehicle and ambulance how they are made!

A conversion to an ambulance is much more extensive. Here you need a van like the Opel Zafira Life, a VW T6 or a Mercedes Sprinter as a suitable vehicle. Here, too, it is advisable to pay attention to the basic color from the start so that you can save on painting. When converting to an ambulance, the trim in the interior is important, but of course also the brackets for the stretcher and seat. The trim should be plastic. This can also be easily cleaned and disinfected if necessary. And of course that's very important for an ambulance. And regarding the stretcher? Here you have to buy a stretcher including a base, which can either be purchased new or used from specialist dealers.

RTW ambulance ambulance car 4 emergency vehicle and ambulance how they are made!

This must then be connected to the floor of the vehicle. The interior is rounded off by an extensive shelving system. This houses the equipment and devices needed by the ambulance crew. There are no deviations from the emergency doctor vehicle in the radio and special signal system steps. Regardless of whether it is an emergency doctor vehicle or an ambulance, both conversions must be approved by the TÜV. As a private person is not allowed to allow vehicles with a special signal system, it could be difficult here. Under certain circumstances, approval as a show car or collector's / hobby item is possible, for example if it is a classic car. Everything else does not belong here on tuning blog 😉

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    Thank you for explaining how to easily clean and disinfect the inside of an ambulance. My mother tries to find an ambulance that she can rely on should she ever have an accident. She has many health concerns, so it would be incredibly helpful to find an ambulance that she can rely on and that is clean.

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