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Load the pickup with an eye-catcher - the AmeriDeck!

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The term AmeriDeck is, as the name suggests, known from America and refers to an advanced and patented loading system for pickup trucks. Deist Industries, Inc. holds the AmeriDeck patent. The company received the patent for the system in 2005. The functionality and benefits of the patented system are discussed in more detail below.

AmeriDeck loading system

AmeriDeck hydraulic deck Power Lift 2 Load the pickup with an eye-catcher on the AmeriDeck!

The innovative AmeriDeck has been patented since 2005 and is a loading system for pickups. The system enables more than 1.100 kg of cargo to be loaded from the ground into the pickup. Loading is carried out by a so-called "In-Bed Lift System" and can even be used by just one person without any problems. The AmeriDeck can also conveniently unload the heavy load in reverse order. With the patented loading area loading system, the pick-up driver can make maximum use of the loading area of ​​the truck and can easily transport heavy equipment from A to B.

How does the loading system work?

AmeriDeck hydraulic deck Power Lift 3 Load the pickup with an eye-catcher on the AmeriDeck!

The innovative and patented loading system is in principle a hydraulic deck that has a load arm construction and can lift a whole platform loaded with heavy equipment onto the loading area of ​​the pickup. The pickup loading system can be used, for example, to conveniently attach several motorcycles to the platform and lift them onto the pickup using a hydraulic deck. In principle, the idea corresponds to the loading arm of a truck that acts as a container carrier. Just one size smaller and with the fixed loading deck. For example, motorcycles can be safely charged and just as safely unloaded at the destination. The AmeriDeck is very well known in America and can be installed on pickup trucks of almost any type. The innovative system can be seen on various vehicles on the AmeriDeck website. The system is interesting for tuners of pickup trucks and allows further practical individualization of the vehicle.

What are the advantages of the loading system?

The patented loading system enables hydraulic, convenient loading and unloading of a pickup truck. The loading system is particularly worthwhile with heavy loads and can even be operated by just one person. The hydraulic deck is equipped with a platform that can be moved from the pickup to the floor. The operation is designed so that a person can easily do it. The loads can then be moved onto the platform. The platform, including the load, is lifted onto the pickup with the innovative loading system. This can also be done by one person. The patented AmeriDeck (TM) is known for pickup trucks and can be retrofitted to them.

Conclusion on the AmeriDeck

The AmeriDeck is a patented loading system for pickup trucks and is sold by Deist Industries, Inc. from the USA. The innovative loading system enables direct and easy loading from the floor area. The system is designed for large loads and can be easily loaded and unloaded by one person. For the conversion, however, you should choose a large pickup so that the loading area is also large. For example, if a motorcycle is to be attached to it, a pickup of the format of a Ford F-150 or Dodge Ram is the best alternative. After all, the loading arm, including connections, must also be installed below the loading area, which has an impressive size. Of course, the fact that a significant additional weight must be planned in should also be taken into account. A somewhat simpler variant is a so-called Power lift system. Here a guide rail is installed on the loading area and the motorcycle and carrier system are combined with one Platform winch pulled onto the bed. Especially for motorcycles or ATVs, this is a sufficient variant as we find.

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AmeriDeck hydraulic deck Power Lift 4 Load the pickup with an eye-catcher on the AmeriDeck!

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