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Info: What is an anti-lift kit and how does it work?

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Anti Lift Kit ALK Tuning Control Arm 1 e1604904942312 Info: What is an Anti Lift Kit and how does it work?

With an anti-lift kit, the intake is from the lower wishbone offset downwards on the front axle. This changes the geometry of the car. This modification greatly reduces the rocking of the vehicle body when accelerating quickly and braking hard, while at the same time improving the grip enormously. In such kits are mostly sockets with metal cups included. The metal shell gives the socket additional strength and relieves it under heavy loads. Since these bushings are not in direct contact with the handlebars, they do not need to be lubricated and they cannot squeak. The bushes are pressed in when cornering, which increases the static positive caster angle by approx. 0.5 ° and thus offers the best possible grip in every situation. Of course, it always depends on the vehicle, the area of ​​application, etc. The approx. 0.5 ° is a common value.

Series sockets twist a lot

Mixed tires Tuning racetrack Info: What is an anti lift kit and how does it work?

Most production cars have less high-quality rubber bushings, which twist significantly more in the curves. This twisting reduces the caster angle and the car has less grip. The kits are available for almost all vehicles and are legally registrable. The papers usually show an increase of approx. 0.5 °, but this is actually higher compared to the series, since the caster angle is often even reduced in the series part in curves.

The reasons to install an anti-lift kit!

Anti Lift Kit ALK Tuning Control Arm 2 e1604904991516 Info: What is an Anti Lift Kit and how does it work?

There are different anti-lift kits, which are adapted to different levels of sportiness. The hardness of these anti-lift kits is in Shore specified. There are kits that are designed exclusively for racing. These usually have a hardness of 95 Shore or more. And there are some that are more geared towards everyday driving and occasional ambitious journeys on country roads or a racetrack. These usually have a hardness of 75-90 Shore, depending on the desired sportiness. By pressing in the improved bushings, the car can build up better grip in almost all situations. When driving straight ahead, the sockets are not pressed in and the wheels are in a relatively neutral position, which means that as much contact surface as possible can be used. In sharp bends, the bushings are pressed in and the caster angle of the wheels is increased, so that the wheel has more contact surface on the outside and thus better grip and the steering is also more direct.

Follow-up adjustment from around 100 euros

An anti-lift kit is therefore a very small component, but it has a major impact on the driving behavior of the car and is also a very steep price. Although inexpensive kits start at around 100 euros, the kits, which are also known as post-production adjustments, can also cost four or five times as much. For people who like to drive a little faster and have the racetrack in their sights from time to time, such a kit is definitely worth the price. The prices are of course dependent on the vehicle model, the processing quality, the degree of hardness and whether a new control arm set, which is made of heavy steel in most series vehicles, is included.

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