Thursday May 6, 2021

Apple is working on new technology for car windows!

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Apple iGlass Windshield Smart Glass e1606761600286 Apple is working on new technology for car windows!

The technology group Apple recently achieved the breakthrough in a new technology that can permanently monitor the condition of a heated car windshield. This new technology could automatically alert drivers to cracks or tears in the vehicle's windshield. The new technology, which was recently secured by Apple with a patent, can detect the smallest cracks in the vehicle's windshield. In theory, the driver could also see the cracks with the naked eye. The new system consists of a thin film that is applied between the layers of glass on the windshield. Patent drawings made by Road Show were discovered, the resistance of the glass is to be measured by means of an electrical signal, which immediately detects cracks or breaks in the glass pane. The replacement of the window could only be necessary in extreme cases or only if there is very great damage.

Smart glass windshield

Apple iGlass Windshield Smart Glass 2 Apple is working on new technology for car windows!

But why is a technology being developed that informs the driver of a defect that he can see himself with the naked eye? Since glass becomes weaker and more brittle with age, the technology definitely makes sense in terms of vehicle safety, as it warns the driver before the window cracks or breaks. In spite of everything, the advantages of the new technology for the end customer are still very doubtful, because the glass pane usually has to be replaced anyway. Whether this is done before or after the breakage of the pane makes no difference in the amount of repair costs. In terms of vehicle safety, however, the new technology is already an advantage. Small stone chips can become a problem on heated windows if water penetrates through the heating wires and causes them to corrode. Then the entire pane has to be replaced, although it can actually still be repaired. With Apple's technology, the swap can perhaps be avoided.

Just expensive fun without added value?

Thanks to the technology, which is linked directly to the vehicle's on-board computer, it can be determined exactly whether the glass is broken within the warranty or not. In addition, it could also be made possible for the on-board computer to automatically schedule an appointment to replace or repair the windshield. However, the experts are still not sure whether Apple is not just trying to earn money with the new technology and has selected the automotive industry as a suitable partner for it. Because the “Smart Glass” or “iGlass” invented by the technology company costs significantly more than a conventional windshield. If the new technology is also combined with heated or technologically improved windshields, the price for the smart windshield is much higher.

Apple iGlass Windshield Smart Glass 4 Apple is working on new technology for car windows!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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go Apple is working on new technology for car windows!

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