Wednesday August 4, 2021

AT # 1 tire from Loder Tires for Leo Mandlsperger!

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delta4x4 Ford Ranger Loder AT1 Offroad AT # 1 tires by Loder Tires for Leo Mandlsperger!

Leo Mandlsperger has been working with Falken since he was ten and has achieved international fame. Whether for training falcons in Arabia or to scare away crows all over Germany, Leo and his birds are in action almost everywhere. His clients and fans particularly appreciate the fact that the 69-year-old trains his falcons completely himself, so that they are raised from a single source. Leo's indispensable work tool is an off-road Ford pickup. He also needs it, because the breeding grounds and training or deployment sites for his birds of prey are often far from any paved road. In addition, there are often long distances with many kilometers of motorway. Falkner Leo therefore needs the perfect mix of off-road suitability and motorway comfort. It's good that he has been close friends with the off-roaders from delta4x4 for many years. That is why he now relies on the new AT # 1 A / T tire from Loder Tire, which can cling to any surface - like Leo's birds of prey. The Loder AT # 1 is a German development in the size 33 × 12.5R18 or 305 / 60R18. It has been tested for sound, rolling resistance and grip in wet conditions and is approved for speeds of up to 180 and 1320kg.

Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake sign

delta4x4 Ford Ranger Loder AT1 Closeup AT # 1 tire by Loder Tires for Leo Mandlsperger!

It also has the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake mark (3PMSF), the recognized symbol for winter tires, which makes it the perfect all-season off-road tire. For the market launch there is a special promotion from delta4x4 for all off-road fans: a whole year long a set of test tires with rims including 15.000 km. The offer is limited, however, whoever comes first rides the new rubbers first - and that for free. Just a small sticker "delta4x4 tire tester" on the vehicle and a short quarterly update about the experiences with the tires on the delta4x4 - and off you go. After twelve months, the testers can then purchase their tires cheaply. The offer applies to all mid-size pickups such as the X-Class, Amarok, Ranger, Ranger Raptor, Isuzu D-Max, Hilux and L200 that are allowed to drive this tire size, as well as the Mercedes G463 and 463A. Falkner Leo has already written his first experience report and is enthusiastic about the new Loder AT # 1. If we get more information, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

delta4x4 Ford Ranger Falke AT # 1 tire by Loder Tires for Leo Mandlsperger!

Photos: delta4x4

delta4x4 Ford Ranger Falke Action AT # 1 tires by Loder Tires for Leo Mandlsperger!

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delta4x4 makes the Tesla Model 3 fit for the terrain!

delta4x4 Tesla Model3 Header e1592381158732 310x165 AT # 1 Tire from Loder Tires for Leo Mandlsperger!

The Bulli for camping going astray: delta 4 × 4 VW T6 & T6.1

Bulli Camping delta 4x4 Seikel VW T6 T6 Head 310x165 AT # 1 tires by Loder Tires for Leo Mandlsperger!

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delta 4x4 Porsche 911 995 Carrera Dakar Tuning conversion header 310x165 AT # 1 tires by Loder Tires for Leo Mandlsperger!

New rubbers for the birds of prey
Falconer legend Leo Mandlsperger relies on the AT # 1 from Loder Tires for his animals

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 AT # 1 tires from Loder Tires for Leo Mandlsperger!

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