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Car shows, tuning meetings & Co. - what does Covid-19 allow!

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Auto show auto show canceled Auto shows, tuning meetings & Co. what allows Covid 19!

Only a few days ago we pointed out that due to Corona the 2021 Detroit Auto Show and the Tokyo Auto Salon 2021 canceled or at least relocated. The pandemic has affected countless other auto events around the world. That's why we made ourselves smart what Updated 14.01.2021 for appointment cancellations and changes have already been made. Through the Corona virus pandemic there are also many failures in the auto industry. Already in 2020 there were countless event cancellations like the Food motor show, which SEMA, The Geneva Motor Show etc. And also for that year 2021 have been many events so far completely canceled or on one postponed new appointment.

Unfortunately, 2021 starts like 2020 ended

Cancellation logo badge automesse Auto shows, tuning meetings & Co. what allows Covid 19!

In many countries the corona virus has a Ban catered for by large events. This was mainly due to the fact that the number of cases has not yet decreased as desired. The auto industry therefore had no choice but to cancel some dates for the year 2021, as mentioned above. There is one here now Overviewwhich events from a Change are affected.

Postponed or canceled auto events!

Auto Salon Brussels

  • In Belgium it was from 15. Until January 24.01.2021th, XNUMX the event Auto Salon Brussels planned. Due to the increasing number of infections, the auto show was now cancelled.'back

Brussels city center speed limit car shows, tuning meetings & Co. what allows Covid 19!

Automechanika Frankfurt

  • Due to the current Corona crisis, the fair in Frankfurt was also canceled. The date from 08th - 12.2020th XNUMX was changed to 14-18.09.2021 postponed. After this date, the fair should be back in every two years occur. From now on the fair will take place in the odd years. It is possible that due to the collision with the IAA, the fair will be relocated from Frankfurt to Munich in the future. So far, however, is still here not clearwhether it will work in 2021.'back

Paris Motor Show

  • The auto show in Paris was planned between October 01st and 11.10.2020th, XNUMX. The organizer has recently announced that the motor show complete cancelled has been. So far has been no Alternative date found.'back

Chicago Auto Show 2021

  • Between the 13. and 21. February 2021 the date for the auto show on Lake Michigan was actually planned. The event was postponed to spring by the organizers. So far still stands no replacement date firmly. Perhaps finds the event in the period March to May instead, if the Corana virus situation allows it.'back

Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este

  • The Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este was planned for October 2020. This date had to be on May 30.05.2021th, XNUMX postponed will. However, it has not yet been conclusively determined whether it can be maintained.'back

lamborghini asterion lp i910 4 z auto shows, tuning meetings & Co. what allows Covid 19!

Detroit Motor Show

  • 2020 was the North American International Auto Show from June 09th to 20.06th planned. The event was planned in the TCF Center. This center is currently known as Emergency hospital used. Because of this, it is currently can not be possible to hold the auto show. The next advance date for the event was Autumn 2021 envisaged. The first advance event of the Detroit Motor Show was planned from September 24, 2021. Accordingly, all further preview and press days between 28.09. to 01.10.2021 terminated. The gates should be open to visitors between the October 02nd to October 09.10.2021th, XNUMX be opened. The organizers announced in January 2021 that the NAIAS 2021 now completely canceled must become. Instead there is now one Replacement event planned. This event runs under the name Motor Bella. She should be between the 21. and September occur. For this event it is planned that the gates for the spectators from September be opened.'back

detroit auto show car shows, tuning meetings & Co. what allows Covid 19!

Food motor show

  • The organizers of the Essen Motor Show already had one at the beginning of October 2020 improved hygiene concept submitted. Nevertheless, on 21. October the complete cancellation the show. Due to the currently dynamic corona infection situation, the show could not take place. It was planned that the automobile fair as one Art Limited Edition is carried out with significantly fewer visitors and a reduced offer. The city of Essen has recently made an official decision that the show should be based on the current situation may not take place. Like many major German cities, Essen suffers from an increased incidence of new infections.'back

Goodwood Revival Festival

  • The Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​has already been postponed from July to September. Since the corona situation has not improved, a new edition of the event is planned for 2021. So far it still is not clear, if it works.'back

IAA Commercial Vehicles

  • Originally the trade fair for transport and logistics was supposed to take place in Hanover on September 24-30.09.2020, XNUMX. Even if the organizer found it very difficult, he was forced to take the fair to the September 2022 to move. So far, however, is still here not clear, if it works. The year 2022 is a long way off, but we can know that it will be finished can not be .'back

Plant 2 Envy factor VW Amarok commercial vehicles Tuning Widebody 4 e1563964421261 Auto shows, tuning meetings & Co. what allows Covid 19!

LA Auto Show

  • The gourmet fair was announced on the website for the end of November. In the meantime this information is no longer correct. The auto show was officially held in the spring of 2021 May 21th to 31th into the LA Convention Center relocated.'back

Mille Miglia

  • The famous rally through Northern Italy was supposed to be on 13.05.2020 occur. This appointment was then on 25 -. 29.10.2020 postponed. Northern Italy is currently very badly affected by the corona pandemic. The Mille Miglia always takes place in Brescia. It leads across Tuscany to Rome.'back

Opel meeting in Oschersleben

  • The big Opel meeting was initially between 18.-21.06.2020 planned. Major events were banned until August 31.08.2020, XNUMX, so no alternative date was set for the year. The big anniversary meeting is now with all Opel fans in summer 2021 planned. So far is still here not clear, if it works.'back

Opel Manta Timmendorfer Strand 50 Years of Tuning 18 Auto Shows, Tuning Meetings & Co. what allows Covid 19!

Pebble Beach Concours dÉlegance

  • The 70th edition of the Pebble Beach Concours dÈlegance should take place on August 16.08.2020, XNUMX. This date had to be canceled without replacement. The next event is for the 15. August 2021 planned. As planned, the best-of-show winners show with a Porsche 917, Pininfarina bodies and Talbot-Lago Grand Sport will take place. So far, however, is still here not clearwhether it will actually work in 2021.'back

PS Days in Hanover

  • The PS-Days fair should take place in Hanover between 24. a 26.07.2020 occur. This appointment had to postponed will. The new date was 02.-04.06.2021 set. All tickets that have already been purchased remain valid. So far is still here not clearwhether it really works this year.'back

SEMA Auto Show 2021

  • The high number of infections in the USA ensured that the SEMA Show 2020 cancelled has been. Chris Kersting, the managing director and president of SEMA announced that the circumstances had caused the fair to be canceled. He hopes it will be possible to use the fair Live elements to design. So far it still is not clear, if it works. The period is planned Tuesday, November 2nd to Friday, November 5th, 2021.'back

1969 Ringbrothers Charger Defector SEMA 2017 Restomod Tuning 16 car shows, tuning meetings & Co. what allows Covid 19!

Top Marques of Monaco

  • The luxury goods fair should take place in Monaco on June 10-14, 2020. The show was now on June 09th to 13.06.2021th, XNUMX postponed. The tickets that have already been purchased remain valid. So far, however, is still here not clearwhether it really works with the Top Marques of Monaco in 2021.'back

Tuning World Bodensee

  • Initially, the tuning fair on Lake Constance should take place between 30.04. a 03.05.2020 occur. The date has been completely canceled for 2020. Now the 18th birthday of the fair is to be celebrated. According to the organizer, the fair should take place on 13. a 16.05.2021 take place at Lake Constance. So far is still here not clearwhether it will really work out with Tuning World Bodensee in 2021. Update 21.01.2021: Also this year the event is Corona-related cancelled. Alternatively, it could be used as a "bridge" until the next year (26 to 28 May) on October 2 and 3, 2021 Tuning reunion event give! Maybe…  'back

Tokyo Auto Salon 2021

  • The Tokyo Auto Salon 2021 is a direct consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled. The decision of the organizers of the fair im Makuhari Messe Convention Center wasn't really a big surprise. The pandemic in Japan is still huge. In fact, the numbers are growing worryingly fast. Who already got tickets for the TAS 2021 has acquired one volle Refund. If compensation the organizers are planning one virtual show similar to the SEMA360, their digital doors tomorrow will open.'back

Tokyo Auto Salon 2021 canceled corona 2 auto shows, tuning meetings & Co. what allows Covid 19!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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