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Bringing a vehicle up to date and providing some nice extras is no problem with the right tuner. There are many tuning options today, so you should be more specific. It is important that you have a specialist by your side, who is familiar with the autotuning and at the same time knows exactly what to look for. Especially to the fact that not everything is permitted by law. Thanks to a specialist, you do not have to worry about it anymore.

Tuning and Law: What is important?

Glazing taillights illegal
Not painted like this - painted tail lights are illegal

Today's tuners can realize almost all wishes, but the law sees it a little differently. Once the vehicle is on public roads, it must comply with applicable laws. That's another reason why it makes sense to choose a pro. He is familiar with the rules and regulations, so you will not be stopped by the police for using irregular tuning measures. In most cases, a so-called Teilegutachten, so one approval for vehicle parts, off. As soon as the changes are bigger, you have to have your vehicle checked by a testing organization. Again, a tuner will help you with this point.

Leave it to a professional!

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Rims, a new suspension or a fancy spoiler. A car tuner can open up many opportunities for you today, but we recommend a previous consultation. After all, there are peculiarities of the vehicle, which must be observed when tuning. If you were to carry out the measures yourself, it would quickly end in disaster. A pro tells you in advance what is possible and what measures are suitable for you. Not to forget that you save a lot of work. Autotuning can be associated with many small actions that lead to defects if used incorrectly. With a professional tuner you avoid these problems and get your dream car without much work.

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Of course that had not happened yet!

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