Need a car wash? That’s what really matters!

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Car wash facility Car wash car wash 2 Need a car wash? That’s what really matters!

Whether bird droppings, pollen or resin ... All of these things not only leave an unattractive impression on the car, but also damage also the paint. But which car wash is the best now? Most drivers just have the vehicle occasionally to wash. Every German drives an average of six times a year through a car wash or car wash. From a simple wash to super full program care including waxing and sealing, everything is possible. The prices for the car wash are quite different. But what is really important when it comes to washing? Here are a few tips for washing your car.

Car wash - expensive or cheap?

Expensive doesn't have to be better. Neither the price nor the washing time are a sure sign of quality for car washes. Simple programs also clean a car and are usually sufficient to remove aggressive bird droppings, pollen or annoying tree sap from the paintwork. Apart from a visit to the car wash, only an extra polish will achieve a dull paintwork permanent radiant effect.

Car wash car wash car wash Need a car wash? That’s what really matters!

The washing quality

Whether the dirt is completely removed in the car wash or car wash can usually only be determined later. Therefore, a look at previously washed cars, i.e. those that are in line in front of you, is definitely recommended.

Before the car wash

Before washing the car, it is important to consider certain aspects. The rod antenna (if present) should be unscrewed, windows closed and the windshield wipers deactivated. The rain sensor should not be forgotten either. In addition, the instructions on the washing systems should be observed. The best thing to do is to turn off the ignition, get out and lock it!

Is a pre-wash necessary?

The Pre-wash with a steam cleaner/Pressure Washer is recommended. If a high-pressure lance is used, it cleans areas where the washing systems often fail, such as the rear-view mirrors or the windshield and wheels. The wheel arch, the air openings in the apron or the area around the number plate at the rear are also better cleaned with the pre-cleaning.

Self-service wash box car wash park information cleaner use e1617082496959 Car wash you need? That’s what really matters!

Is it necessary to wash the engine?

With a steam jet you can remove the annoying traces of road dirt and oil, which are really not a pretty sight. However, should with great caution proceed as the electronic components under the hood are very sensitive. For this reason, washing the engine is at best left to a specialist. With modern engines there is one engine cleansing but actually not really necessary.

Front and underbody wash?

To remove stubborn dirt and road salt is one Front and underbody wash sensible. Edges and other problematic areas can be cleaned with the help of a high-pressure steam jet or a sponge.

Or washing the car by hand?

The Handwash is a gentle alternative. In the interests of the environment, hand washing should only be carried out at the designated washing areas. Experts recommend working from top to bottom with low pressure and rinsing out the sponge and brush at short, regular intervals. Then it is advisable to bring the car with one shammy to dry off. However, the underbody cleaning cannot be carried out by hand.

hand wash car wash instructions e1621839981732 car wash need? That’s what really matters!

Falling while washing your car is not an accident at work

Car care is especially important for car enthusiasts, but it should be considered. The Bavarian State Social Court has ruled that an accident that happens in a car wash also occurs during a business trip privately is.

Damage to the car after washing

When to the laundry Damage are criticized by the customer, it generally applies that the customer has to provethat the damage through the car wash originated. Anyone who discovers damage to the car after washing must report this to the operator of the system immediately.

Car wash car wash car wash Damage defective Car wash needed? That’s what really matters!

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