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Car wash in winter: Here are a few tips!

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Those who love a shiny car are often unlucky in winter. During the damp weather, a trip through the car wash would have to be planned almost every day in order to be able to thoroughly remove dirt, mud and road salt from paintwork and windows. When you drive home, the car is dirty again. So it's worth it Car wash in winter or would it be better to wait for spring?

Car washing in winter is important!

Especially the mix of Moisturizer and aggressive salt loads the vehicles in the winter months and leads to an increased Rust formation. Although newer vehicles are improved by an cavity Protection, or partial galvanization and a higher quality Underbody protection are better protected against environmental influences, road salt is still considered to be expressed harmful. Because especially at low points Scratches or Falling rocks The salt can cause unwanted damage in the paintwork. In addition, the functions of driver assistants such as parking sensors or cameras through the dirt impaired. Headlights can also lose their brightness due to adhering dirt. Consequently protects A regular car wash not only the vehicle but also contributes to one increased driving safety at.

Snow winter driving car road car washing in winter: Here are a few tips!

Wash cars more often in the winter months?

In severe winters, you should definitely have your car multiple times drive through the car wash. Even if in your environment often salt is scattered, is recommended regular visit by Car wash. A visit to the car wash is recommended for frequent drivers and owners of older vehicles every two weeks ideal. So your vehicle stays in the best possible condition protected.

When should the car wash be avoided?

As soon as the outside temperature falls below minus 10 degrees falls, you should can not be drive more into the car wash. When the hot water hits the freezing cold body, it can tensions which could be harmful to vehicles with damaged paintwork. In addition, there is a very great risk that Door locks or seals by the water that has entered after leaving the car wash freeze over.

car wash dirty cleaning winter salt car wash in winter: Here are a few tips!

How should the car be prepared for the car wash in the winter months?

Basically you should keep your car in winter before a trip through the car wash in the same way as throughout the year. You should make sure the windows and any sunroof closed are the filler cap is locked and the Windshield wiper by Resting position are located. In addition, the Mirrors be folded and the Antenna either unscrewed or inserted will. It is also recommended if necessary Remnants of ice or snow before washing too remove.

Prewash in winter - is it worth it?

Especially in winter it is important to have a vehicle before brushing to be cleaned with a high pressure cleaner. Forget the pre-wash, then the dirt adhering to the car will act like Sandpaper if the brushes of the car wash come. Rims, the brake system and wheel arches should also be cleaned during the pre-wash. It can too not hurt once the Doors open and in the lower area of ​​the side skirts careful remove the dirt with a high-pressure cleaner. Of course, you have to pay attention can not be to spray into the interior or parts of the electrical system get caught near the A-pillar.

high-pressure cleaner car wash insect cleaner e1607428561539 Car wash in winter: Here are a few tips!

Should a different or higher quality washing program be selected in winter?

As a rule, they are sufficient even in winter inexpensive Washing programs. However, in extreme winters and when a lot of salt is scattered, a Special washing programsuch as a Underbody washing, worth it. In our opinion, one is recommended Washing program with hot wax. Especially in winter one can additional wax layer the paint for sure not hurt.

You should be right now to to do the car wash:

Immediately after washing the car all water residues removed with a dry cloth. Also difficult to access Ask how doors or doorframe should be dried off. In addition, rubbers and seals have to be combined with a Grease pencil be re-greased. There is more about this in our article on "This is how rubber seals on the car are properly cared for!". It is also recommended that Windshield wiper to check and the washer fluid tank with Winter windshield cleaner to fill up. The concentrate should be at a freezing point -20 ° C be diluted. There is more about this in our article on "Everything you need to know about radiator antifreeze!".

Is a car wash allowed on weekends?

You can wash your car anywhere in the country on a Saturday. In some federal states, however, a car wash is on a Sunday verboten.

Cleaning technology over time 2 Car washing in winter: Here are a few tips!

Is it allowed to wash my car at home or on the street?

Basically, a car wash is at home or on the roadside verboten. Actually, it is even pure Rinse off with clear water from the vehicle at home or on the roadside not allowed. But why? The reason for this is easily explained by the washing process Washing substances, Olive oil or fuels get into the groundwater and pollute it. There is more about this in our article on "Car wash / hand wash / car wax - this is how it works!".

What are the penalties for washing your car at home or on the street?

If you are caught washing your car on the street or at home, you are at risk fine. The penalties for this administrative offense differ depending on the federal state. While in Bremen, Brandenburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Saarland one Fine of 25 euros threatens, the administrative offense in Thuringia, Lower Saxony and Bavaria can already 50 Euros be punished. However, the fine is enormous in Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia, in these federal states there are plenty 500 Euros due. The maximum penalty provided by the legislator for contaminating the groundwater is much higher and is between 25.000 and 100.000 Euros.

To summarize the most important information:

  • Road salt, snow and ice slush should be removed
  • only use a heated car wash with high-performance hot air drying systems in winter
  • do not wash the car below minus 10 degrees (Paintwork and vehicle parts made of rubber or plastic can be damaged, water can freeze on the door seals and brake calipers)
  • Select a program with prewash and drying (if the vehicle parts are dry, new dirt cannot accumulate as quickly)
  • Alternatively, clean the vehicle beforehand using a high-pressure cleaner
  • Better wash the car in the morning (usually the night frost is much colder)

Of course that had not happened yet!

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  1. I want to buy a car and know more about how to properly care for it. I didn't know that if I wash my car on the street, I could be fined. In winter I will definitely remove road salt carefully.

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