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AUX, SD u. USB connection - retrofitting is cheap!

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AUX SD u. USB connection retrofitting AUX, SD u. USB connection retrofitting is cheap!

If you want to retrofit an AUX, USB or SD card socket / slot in your car, this is relatively easy and inexpensive. Here you have the choice between general retrofit kits from third-party suppliers, but there is also an official retrofit kit for a corresponding socket from the manufacturer for most vehicles. But here it depends on the special vehicle model whether the official retrofit kit for the socket is available. There can be many reasons for converting to AUX / USB / SD connection. Whether using the smartphone to listen to music or using a speakerphone during a call. And even headphones for the passengers can be interesting and can be operated in the vehicle.

Retrofitting an AUX socket

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But especially with the official retrofit kits, there are a few things to consider. However, there are always corresponding instructions and information that also provide the installation location in a very special place. Depending on the retrofit kit, this may not be done by installing the socket in the console, but rather in the glove compartment or in the center armrest of the vehicle. But there is also the possibility to mount the socket / slot in the dashboard so that it is clearly visible. This can be particularly useful if you want to have better accessibility and perhaps want to use the socket regularly. For this purpose you have to edit the console accordingly. When editing, you should be careful so that there is no damage or visual defects. Depending on the retrofit kit, the socket housing and cover can be helpful during installation and often even a small template is included. After all, you only have one attempt to cut out the dashboard and this should fit 100%!

The correct connection of the AUX socket

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When retrofitting the AUX socket, you must of course also have your radio tuned. It depends on what connections are already available. The retrofitting is usually carried out with an adapter universe AUX USB switch which then also enables smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, etc. to be connected to the car radio. You can use the factory radio to stream music from a cell phone or tablet, for example, and at the same time the external device is even charged. The supplied connecting cable ensures simple and quick installation. Is it one retrofit kit As already mentioned, the manufacturer has to make sure that the radio also has the necessary connections for the plug and that the AUX and USB functions can also be activated. Coding, i.e. an additional setting, is usually not necessary after the connection. Rather, after the AUX socket has been successfully connected, this is then automatically displayed by the radio. From a legal point of view, you don't have to pay attention to anything like this. One thing should be considered, however, depending on the retrofit, there may be corresponding drawbacks. Cutbacks in the overall system with regard to the sound quality of music or when making calls, but also in terms of volume. This is particularly the case with third-party products that are not directly connected to the radio.

The way of integration is crucial

The decisive factor is the way in which the incoming signal is integrated into the car radio. For example, do this with a Transmitter With an FM frequency, you have to make clear cuts in terms of quality / volume and usability. Such devices are only offered by third parties and should be compatible for as many vehicles and radio systems as possible. This sometimes works hardly or only very poorly and should therefore be a temporary solution. The best thing is to rely directly on a high quality Bluetooth module and the matching radio and thus get the best technology in the vehicle. Many modules in turn require the AUX socket, a vicious circle!

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Engine compartment lighting engine light nachr% C3% BCsten 310x165 AUX, SD u. USB connection retrofitting is cheap!

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Sitzerh% C3% B6hung next seat seat pad 310x165 AUX, SD u. USB connection retrofitting is cheap!

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Airbag switch Airbag switch Key 3 e4 1577951026942x310 AUX, SD u. USB connection retrofitting is cheap!

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