Extreme lowering installed? Then use offset plates!

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Especially with lowering that goes beyond the usual 20 to 40 mm by means of sports suspension or Lowering springs go out, it is a nuisance! We are talking about the decentralized "migrating" from the wheel out of the wheel housing of the vehicle. Who his vehicle with a coilover (thread springs) or with one Airride air suspension lowered and the remaining thread (for the coilover suspension, springs) or the maximum lowering level (at the air ride) uses, who will notice that the wheel "wanders" due to the lowering. Often from the middle of the wheel arch in the direction of the rear apron, but the other direction is also possible. As a result, not only is the optics extremely questionable, it also means that the geometry of the axis is disturbed. It can even happen that the wheel touches the body due to the offset.

Offset plates fix the problem

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A solution to the problem are so-called axle offset plates, which are often also referred to as axle displacement plates and are installed between the axle mount and the body. You are the perfect solution to the problem. There are two different ways of restoring the axle geometry. The first is that a specially manufactured plate is installed on the axle mount to the body, which simply compensates for the hole pattern by the difference that the axle (the wheel) has moved from the center. Variant two allows the axle journal to move backwards using an adapter plate. This depends on the design of the axle and the corresponding vehicle. Some cars even allow both versions.

Axle displacement plates for composite axles

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Depending on the vehicle, lowering the rear suspension will cause the compound axle to move forward or backward. The unsightly misalignment of the wheel on the wheel arch can be corrected with a set of axle offset plates. The accessories move the axle to the correct position and thus center the wheel. When purchasing such plates, you should make sure that they are CNC-milled and galvanized to avoid corrosion. Such offset plates also allow more camber or a higher lowering (also for Camber). Depending on the provider and the vehicle, the plates can also have combined functions. Well-known providers of such axle displacement plates are Forge Motorsport, Epytec, deep-society.

front with lowering steering knuckles

With so-called lowering steering knuckles (TAS), various vehicles such as the VW Beetle or the Karmann Ghia (Type 14), which are equipped with a ball joint front axle, can be lowered. If you use a set of lowering steering knuckles, the axle geometry is not significantly affected. At the same time, driving comfort is often even higher than with adjustable axles, and this is usually accompanied by a wheel spacer. If you use special lowering steering knuckles, then (depending on the vehicle) modified tie rod ends and other wheel bearings are often necessary. Regardless of whether axle offset plates or lowering steering knuckles, the components usually have to be individual acceptance registered .

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