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Axles and axle suspension - this is where the dangers lurk

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Axles and axle suspension Axles and axle suspension here are the dangers

It connects individual spare parts such as brakes, wheels and more with the body or engine of a vehicle, but how does it work? Axle suspension actually and how do you notice a defect? And what do you have to watch out for in this case when repairing or replacing? The following article explains exactly these questions.

Defective axle boot - caution, danger

If the axle boot is defective, the grease it contains dries out or foreign body intrude. As a result, there will be noises or the cardan joint will be destroyed directly. The ring gear and bevel gear of the differential gear have to be exchanged together and their tooth flank backlash adjusted according to the stamped values ​​using a dial gauge in order to achieve maximum smoothness.

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Damage to the axle and final drive

If the axle and final drive no longer function properly, this can happen wear, mechanical damage to the transverse differential, the gear wheels or wear to the seals may be the reason. Mechanical damage to the axle itself or to the limited-slip differential is also possible. Oxidation and corrosion can also be present on the corresponding components.

gear wear differential e1626932322345 axles and axle suspension the dangers lurk here

Notes on defects on the axle and final drive

Some clues can already indicate a defect. When Lärm in the gearbox when driving fast when the differential Oil loses or the gearbox heats up excessively, then you should take a closer look and the axle and final drive precisely being checked. Further indications can include floor vibrations while driving, wobbly bearings, stiff axles as well as the Bending or deformation the axis as well as the adjacent parts.

What are the causes of the defects and can they be avoided?

Many things can be the cause, including but not limited to Wear of the gears or seals as well as their pollution. But also one insufficient lubrication the differential and all rotating elements, loosened brackets, damage as a result of an accident or by Carelessness can also be causes.

Burnout instructions cavalier start axles and axle suspension here the dangers lurk

In addition, the driving style plays a not unimportant role, because a too sporty, rough or aggressive driving style or a rough operation of the clutch leads to disproportionate wear.

Detect damage

No special tools are required to check the condition of the axle and differential. All relevant parts can be opened with a pit, a jack or a truck Condition and mobility testing. For a rear-wheel drive car, particular attention should be paid to the lubrication of the rear axle or on vehicles with front-wheel drive on the lubrication of the Front be respected. Can be Oil stains on the axle or the differential, then the gaps must be closed and oil topped up. It is advisable to check the entire system every 50.000 to 75.000 kilometers.

Repair and replacement

As the repair will be difficult and the help of several people will be required, it is advisable to to go to a workshop. It should be noted that the gears are only exchanged as a pair in order to avoid uneven wear and the accompanying failure of the components mentioned.

Differential exchange axles and axle suspension here the dangers lurk

Replacing the differential requires the appropriate specialist knowledge and special tools. For this reason we recommend repairs and replacements should not to be carried out by hand. Also, only specialists should take over the repair of the housing and the removal of gaps. The lifespan of the axes is unlimited, so they should only be replaced if they are visibly damaged or deformed.

The function of the axle suspension!

How does the axle suspension actually work? The torque is transmitted to the drive shafts of the front wheels via helically toothed spur gears when the engine is arranged transversely to the vehicle's longitudinal axis. If the engine is installed lengthways, the torque is transmitted from the clutch on the engine block to a cardan shaft along the vehicle axis via a helical bevel / ring gear combination. It ends here in differential gear in a crown wheel. To put it simply, the bevel gears of the drive shafts of the same length going transversely from the gears pack into the ring gear. The greatest torque then arrives at these drive shafts, because the transmission ratio is that of a car 2,5 to 4.

With the help of the differential gear, both wheels are always supplied with the same power. This happens even at different rotational speeds, as is the case, for example, in curves. In all-wheel drive vehicles are unequal rotational speeds of the rear and front axles and by means of a Central or center differential compensated. A differential gear is lubricated by splash lubrication. The ring gear is immersed in an oil filling and atomizes it into the finest droplets. A universal joint with spline teeth protected by an axle sleeve transfers the torque to the wheel at the end of the drive shaft.Spline teeth length differential e1626932662778 Axles and axle suspension here the dangers lurk

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