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Over hill and dale with a bad-way landing gear

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W470 Carbon Widebody Mercedes X Class Brabus Chiptuning 14 Over hill and dale with a poor track suspension

Under bad road suspension means a specially adapted suspension that is suitable for driving on roads / roads that are in very poor condition or generally no solid road surface such as asphalt. The bad-way chassis protects the car from being damaged by driving on such roads and also makes the ride sometimes much more pleasant for the occupants.

Difference bad-way suspension

Badwegfahrwerk Tuning 2 Over hill and dale with a poor track suspension

The most obvious difference between a bad-way chassis and a standard landing gear is that the vehicle floor is higher when the bad-way chassis. Due to the higher position there is less danger that the vehicle floor comes into contact with the road surface when driving through a pothole, or even if stones are on the road surface, and it is rubbed off or even torn open. However, the bad-road chassis is not a mere one Höherlegung of the car. Although the vehicle floor is also moved upwards in the case of a raised position, a simple height adjustment is usually completed with a few special springs. The dampers and other parts of the chassis often remain untouched here. But when installing a bad-path suspension, the suspension AND the shock absorption of the vehicle are amplified and often also other components such as control arms, tie rods, etc. This helps to cushion shocks due to unevenness of the road significantly better. Thus, the vehicle occupants are shaken less when driving through a pothole or driving over a bump. Objects transported in the car are less thrown around, reducing the risk of injury and damage.

Always fix cargo well

Load securing Bad roadway Tuning 2 e1568349373854 Over hill and dale with a poor track suspension

However, you should always fix your cargo well with or without bad path chassis. The improved shock absorption is also an advantage for the car itself. Violent impacts due to uneven road surfaces also affect the surrounding components and above all load connection points and generally sensitive parts. They can lead to breakage and impact damage and wear, which significantly reduces the life of the car. In most cases, when installing a bad path chassis also an additional Underrun protection installed. The damper tuning is streamlined and stronger bumpers and body panels installed. This protects the car better against impact damage caused by whirling stones and other parts. Since cars, which are often used on bad roads, are mostly vehicles from mountain regions, often even a hill start assistant is retrofitted. However, this is not strictly speaking to the bad path chassis and is currently only available for vehicles that have this option in the surcharge list from the factory available.

A bad way suspension for your car?

Load securing Poor way suspension tuning 3 Over hill and dale with a poor track suspension

The installation of a poor track suspension pays off only if you are really often on bad roads with your car. For a car, which is usually used only in city traffic and with which you once go to hiking in the mountains, the adaptation is too complicated and expensive. But if you live in a remote area with many unpaved roadways or are traveling in such areas often for other reasons, you can save yourself many repair costs by a poor track suspension. If you have a SUV, and also on some SUVs and off-road models, the Badwegfahrwerk is already available at the time of purchase and you really have to do nothing. Should it still be something more so here optional lift springs are sufficient. If your vehicle is not yet equipped with it and rather classified in the category sedan, station wagon or van, it is best to have the bad roadway undercarriage retrofitted in a workshop of your confidence. If you happen to be a car mechanic, it's usually too complicated to do the conversion yourself, and you can easily make serious mistakes.

not always nice, but useful

Badwegfahrwerk Tuning Over hill and dale with a bad road gear

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