What to do when the battery light is on while driving?

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Charge control lamp battery defective lights up What to do if the battery lamp lights up while driving?

Even if the majority of vehicles on the roads are still powered by internal combustion engines, there are a large number of components Electrically operated. A generator is used to ensure that the systems all function smoothly, including the alternator called, electric current is generated when the engine is running. The alternator also charges with the engine running the starter battery. This ensures that enough energy is available for the next start-up. There is also a corresponding light for the indicator lights in the dashboard charge control installed. This lamp lights up too after starting the engine further, this indicates a problem with the generator. And that can have fatal consequences. Because in such a case the power supply takes place exclusively from the battery. Is it empty at some point? the engine also cuts out in current vehicles. Since that too Engine control unit needs to be powered. The charging indicator light, also known as the battery light, can have various causes.

How do you find the charge indicator light?

The charge indicator light is noticeable. It is shown by the symbol of a red battery in the instrument cluster in the dashboard. If there is an error, it lights up red. Normally it only lights up red when the ignition switched on is, however, the engine is still not started is. This signals that the consumer is currently receiving power exclusively from the battery.

Charge control lamp Charge control lamp battery symbol e1600258617584 What to do if the battery lamp lights up while driving?

Causes of a permanently lit charging indicator light?

The battery indicator light illuminates permanent, it must be determined in a workshop exactly where the fault is. As a rule, the Charging voltage the battery checked. Is this below 13 volts, there is a problem with the alternator. The following causes can be responsible for this:

  • Defective alternator
  • The charge regulator is defective or the carbon brushes are worn out
  • Cable defective
  • Faulty V-belt / belt is defective or tension is too loose

Shines If the charge indicator light comes on when the engine is running, you should continue driving with caution. All electricity consumers are then, as already mentioned, just supplied from the starter battery. This can go so far that the engine suddenly cuts out because the voltage for the engine control unit is too low. But also the fuel pump and many other components (for example the windshield wipers) no longer work correctly. And this can lead to dangerous situations for oneself, however also for other road users come. In addition, there may not be enough energy available for the start process the next time the system is started.

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